8 Nov

Major Minnie Spanking

My latest job on the Spanking Veronica Works site is a cat burglar who happens to be hired to break into Minnie Scarlet’s house and steal one of her valuable books. Unfortunately Minnie catches me (my horse Fred and I are not the best of thieves) and she threatens to either call the police on me, or spank me.

Cat burglar caught in the act.

Cat burglar caught in the act.

Being who I am, I of course take the “spanking” option. Minnie lives up to both of her names. She is tiny, and she left my butt bright red.  For someone so tiny she really packs a punch.

Minnie may be tiny but she can spank hard

Minnie may be tiny but she can spank hard

Well me being me again, I had no choice but to spank her right back, easily overpowering her and spanking her with my hand and the same leather paddle she used on me.

She turned my white bum "scarlet"

She turned my white bum “scarlet”

This is a real spanking and Minnie protested a lot, and said “ouch” a really lot, but she had it coming. Not only for spanking me, but also for dressing too sexy.

She gets spanked for dressing too sexy

She gets spanked for dressing too sexy

When I rode off with Fred, we both had scarlet bums.

And for spanking me

And for spanking me

Check out this site if you haven’t already right here.

26 Oct

Another Appearance By Elvira

QUESTION: What’s twice as good as one scene with Elvira?  ANSWER: Two scenes with Elvira.

Judging my sorority sisters costumes

Judging my sorority sisters costumes

I shot another scene as Elvira, and this time I think I even improved on the make-up a little bit.  And instead of one foe, I shot with TWO super hotties – Koko Kitten and Ludella Hahn.

I have spanked Koko many times before. It's never enough

I have spanked Koko many times before. It’s never enough

This time the scene was for Spanking Sorority Girls. I have shot with Koko before and we have a great connection. This is the first time I met Ludella. I hadn’t seen any pictures of her prior to this shoot and I was so pleasantly surprised by how beautiful she is and how magnificently round her bootie is!!

The "treat" in Trick-or-treat is spanking Ludella

The “treat” in Trick-or-treat is spanking Ludella

In the scene, I get mad at Koko and Ludella for not dressing up to par for the Halloween costume competition. So as their senior sorority sister what other choice do I have?  I must spank them.  But of course they team up and spank and paddle me. Ouch.  Great scene.

Special appearance by maternal panties

You should definitely not miss this one. And if you haven’t tried this site before,  join here.

19 Oct

Elvira Returns

I love playing Elvira. I reprise this character on Spanked Call Girls with the lovely Christy Cutie.  Always fun spanking her!  Check it out.

Elvira enjoys paddling Christy Cutie!

Elvira enjoys paddling Christy Cutie!

Wait - Christy gets to spank Elvira too?  Ouch!!

Wait – Christy gets to spank Elvira too? Ouch!!

2 Sep

In this new episode of SpankingVeronicaWorks.com, cute school girl Alaina Fox is my piano student. Alaina Fox is very sassy and disrespectful so she deserves a spanking from her very angry tutor, me. I thought this young brat could use a little tuning.

I force Alaina over my knee to spank her and I force her to sniff her own panties then I stuff them in her mouth like a bad little piggy.

Alaina threatens to tell on me so I’ll lose my job and credibility so I hesitantly let her spank me back. Alaina packs quite the punch using a hard wooden paddle that is small enough to really concentrate the pain right in the center of my bum. That certainly made my pitch go up! OW!


svw-p53-002 svw-p53-016



4 Jun


In this new episode of SpankingVeronicaworks.com I spank Daphne SugarRose for being a naughty young girl disobeying her parents so much that they send her to a “shrink”. Yea, well, I am not just here to dispense advice and listen to her whiny problems, I’m also here to spank some sense into this problematic young lady. I even spank her with a hard wooden hair brush and the young girl is livid and embarrassed because she feels too old to still get spanked.  Daphne realizes it’s illegal for any doctor to spank a patient so she black mails me!!! Here’s some pictures and go check out the full scene on spankingveronicaworks.com:


27 Apr

Spanking Tax

In this episode on Spankingveronicaworks.com, I am a tax accountant. My bitchy rich client is coming in trying to write off another ridiculous item(a pony for her bratty daughter!) that could make me lose my license and get her an obvious audit. I explain to her that she can’t write EVERYTHING off and she has to pay some taxes. She whines and pleads and is clearly teaching her spoiled daughter bad behavior so I spank her daughter in front of her mom. Then I teach her mom how to properly discipline her daughter. Then I spank her mom and have the daughter learn how to discipline her overgrown brat of a mother. Then they spank me because hey, it’s illegal to spank your clients! This is one for the books, check it out at Spankingveronicaworks.com
Here’s some sample pics featuring excellent spanking models Fiona and Willow May(Rose) who are also professional switches at the local dungeons in LA:

 As Always click on photos to see full enlarged version


27 Apr

New SpankingVeronicaWorks.com episodes

For the latest episode of SpankingVeronicaworks.com we have lovely tall blonde Ashley Rose training me to be a pool lifeguard- so I thought. The job offer was ACTUALLY to be a lifeguard for a pool table with sticks and balls! What in the….?!?!?  I spank Ashley Rose for wasting my sweet time on a weird fake job offer with the cues and balls and my hand and implements. Then she spanks me back for spanking her at her place of business. Here’s some sample pics to see her lovely behind bent over that velour pool table gettin the spanking that she deserves and go check out the rest on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com


23 Mar


Now up on GSG, Kym Jane and I are sisters again for this episode (designed from the custom request instructions from our site member:) where the governess nanny (Syren De Mer) treats us like the babies we act like. Our parents are out of the country and tell our governess to whip us into shape so she forces us to wear these diapers and bonnets. Syren is quite the exotic domme with a forceful energy that you DON’T want to challenge unless you are ready for a real painful spankdown that you won’t soon forget whenever you sit down. Kym and I were being bratty towards her and eachother and Miss Syren forces us to wear diapers like babies and even put baby powder on like babies. IT is SOOOOOoooOOooo EMBARRASSING! I even tickle Kym in her sleep because she looks so silly in her baby costume but then I get in trouble!! We then get spanked for being bad girls with our bonnets and pacifiers in while the other one watches. Maybe if we weren’t so bratty we wouldn’t get punished in the first place! Syren will have us acting like respectable girls in no time with this discipline method!



JOIN HERE to see the full naughty action!!!!!!!! IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!

9 Mar

Mistress of the Plant Convention

In my latest job update as an Elvira impersonator, I head on down to the local Plant Convention. Hey, conventions love photo ops with celebs. So I thought I would show up and charge $5 a picture for convention attendees to take a photo with their favorite 80s Celebrity: ME! Elvira! Little did I know, these loonies Koko Kitten ( This girl is gorgeous and a riot and smart to boot! go check her out and worship her adorable feet- she is Miss Foot Model of the year!)and Ludella Hahn (A new girl to me visiting from the East Coast but fun to work with!)  take this Plant Convention SOOOOoooooOOooo seriously. They treat the plants like their babies or something. These nutty nellies needed a spanking to spank them out of their plant trance and stop their protestin’. If I wanna peddle my wares selling my photo ops at ANY convention that is my right. Hey, the Carpet  Convention paid my rent last month and I made a ton sellin’ pics at the Sand Enthusiast Expo (who knew there were so many types of sand?!). So I put Koko and Ludella over my knee and I spank them both for trying to tell me what I can do and I spank them extra hard for being a bunch of weird Wilmas. I even force them to spank eachother to escape my evil grip. I even make one of their precious plants watch while I spank them ruthlessly on their bare booties (how embarrassing for them!!). They end up both spanking me back which kind of sucked because I forgot to change out of my granny’s panties (hey, I was in a rush to make it on time to the Plant Expo).

Here’s some pics and go join to see it all here :






poor innocent Ludella getting spanked hard\

spanked with her prized plant watching



23 Jan

Cheerleader Vs. Volleyball Player

In this episode of SpankingSororityGirls , Sarah Gregory the cheerleader spanks the volleyball player (why, me of course!). Sarah (one of my very favorite spankers- I love her spanking style! pro status) spanks me for losing the game that she just cheered for. Sarah spanks me with her firm hand and with a leather paddle – 21 times for each point I lost by.

Here’s some pics and go join to see the full sexy scene: