QUICK UPDATE from Fargo, North Dakota where I am feature dancing!

16 Jun 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 5 Comments »

Here is the most recent and I would have to say best/most accurate interview I have ever done for the spanking site Cherry Red Report which can be seen here: http://www.cherryredreport.com/2012/06/15/veronica-ricci-questions/

Also, I am here in Fargo, North Dakota feature dancing at the ol’ Wonky WoodChipper. Kidding– I would be afraid of THAT strip club… but I would still probably dance there for the thrill of it. The club I’m at is called The Northern and it’s been great- friendly staff, relaxed vibes not very rushed/hustley which I like and lots of those moose hunting video games in the bar area for a good ol’ fashioned fun drinky shooty time.. I don’t know about choo but when I drink some alcohol I also enjoy havin’ a gun close by!

So far I have grabbed countless girl’s asses (civilian and dancer alike) and yes, I made a girl spank me on stage and honestly she was good for a first timer.  I was on stage bent over and she just spanked my bum a few times with me propped against the pole and me also bent over on the stage looking back at her as she spanked the meat of my ass pretty good looking like she was having fun doing it.. made me jump a lil and woke me right up. I also spanked a cute black girl with a butt so toned and tight you could grind diamonds with it to make more diamonds if you wanted to make some extra $. .. I also went for a little walk around town during the day and stopped in a yoga studio, went to a delightful little smoothie tea place on Broadway called Teaberry and had a cop on a bike yell “U Betcha!” to me in a funny way. .And while I was out eating late breakfast I forgot to post up my “Do Not Disturb” sign on the hotel door so the maid left me a little note telling me she couldn’t make my bed due to my “personal items” on the bed (I guess she meant my decorative butt plug LOL. it was clean, miss maid!). One time I brought a few vibrators to Costa Rica and the maid arranged them in descending order of how tall they stood and placed them on top of a little doily mat. That was very sweet of her and sort of made my stomach churn wondering if she Pine Sol’d my pink friend and I should avoid it.

What else? The strip club DJs here are really friendly and funny– they don’t take anything seriously which is my kinda folk and they get and appreciate my wackiness which is always fun times when people feel the vibes your throwin’ out and don’t fight it. They made a whole twitter account dedicated to the ridiculous shit the strippers say around them and you can see it at Twitter.com/strippergenius .. Also all of the customers have been cool- lotsa nice military guys who tend to be very respectful and fun hangin with their dude friends havin a good ol’ time!

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  1. MsAsh says:

    A beautiful redhead who likes being spanked AND is into ELO? My goodness, I’m in love, lol.

    Sounds like you had a great trip…thanks for sharing it with us <3

  2. Wow it seems like these feature dances are outstanding. Do they have any thing like this in Los Angeles that we LA guys can check out?

  3. Veronica Ricci says:

    no LA feature dancing yet- when I can I will. My shows aren’t anything too crazy lol I hate overhyping things

  4. Okay let me get this straight. You, Veronica Ricci, are concerned about over hyping your dance shows. So I am picturing me sitting down, kicking back with a good friend, sipping on some frilly glass of booze – with one of those straw umbrellas sticking out – and a classic rock song I love starts playing – and then Veronica starts dancing on stage, wearing practically nothing – oh wait, she’s taking clothes OFF. Now she is bending over. Two hot chicks on stage with her give her a few spanks. The song ends. I get another drink. Another classic song starts playing and what’s this? Another dance, another skimpy outfit. If that is over hype then I will risk the let down.

  5. tim says:

    Veronica a nice post ,you had a great time there it sounds like with other girls with you spanking ,enjoy your vids at Spanked sorority girls there are big spanks given there which is great ,Veronica love and spanks from Timxx

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