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Here’s a link to my most recent spanking interview in my typical style:


also here’s a picture of some of the spanking fireworks that went off between Sharon Lee and I  during one of our 3 hot scenes together:

This photo is from a scene just put up today on Hot Girls Spanked, a Clips4Sale store.  Sharon plays the French Tutor and I play a spoiled rich girl.   My first scene with Sharon is still updating on Spanked Call Girls.  Explosive fireworks.



  1. I agree, Veronica, your scenes with Sharon Lee were really explosive. Sparks were flying. Give me Liberty or give me Sharon. My rockets were red glaring and your ass was red baring. Okay enough with the bad Holiday puns. Here’s hoping you have a bang on the 4th of July and that your banner gets waved over the home of the free and the land of the brave!!

  2. tim says:

    oh sorry this was not on spanked call girls with you spanking Sharon,love and spanks,Timxx

  3. SeymoreHiney says:

    I am so loving ur scene with Sharon on Spanked Call Girls especially the last 2 updates, Clips 6 & 7 are so yummy! you say tushy and hiney sooo amazing and all the oil on Sharon’s Shiny Hiney Tushy Tush is so gorgeous and the way you massage and spank her naughty tushy tush is so delicious! I love you sooo much for doing this video with all the tushy talk for me Veronica, U R The Best Ever! xoxoxo

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