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6 Jul 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 14 Comments »


Does anyone remember this scene with the lovely spanking newb Katie Jordin (who plays Sister Mary Kate) and I for my site Spanking Sorority Girls ? You shouldn’t.  It is coming up at the end of July, Episode 11.  Right after you get to see Sister Mary Olivia and Sister Mary Ginger spank bad student Dani Hunt.

Well.. here’s a little game… Give me a caption for my reaction!! The best caption gets a free 1 month subscription (or prescription if you’ve been REAL naughty) to my site ….Ready…Set.. Go!

Also, if you do not win this caption game- better luck next time and keep checking for blogs and games..but better yet- join my site to see all of the debaucherous fun that goes on between my schoolmates/sorority sisters/family/friends and nuns at !!

To play, just enter you caption in the comment area below.

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  1. 2222hancock says:

    What is that you said sister, that your church has a computer… and the internet?

  2. pirut says:

    I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman!

  3. SeymoreHiney says:

    Sister Mary Kate you’re a woman of God right? so then why are you spanking my “HEAVENLY HINEY”?

  4. I should be disqualified, but here goes – I think Veronica is thinking “what is she doing with her hands, spanking me or measuring the size of my ass? Hope she doesn’t make a habit of this.!”

  5. Awesomness says:

    ”Hey, this is suppose to be an ass spanking shoot, not an ass worshiping one, you dumb nun!”

  6. tim says:

    oh dear when they said nun spank at this school i should have listened to the other girls,yes Spanking sorority girls is a great new site ,plenty of spanked botties ,beautiful young girls ,cuddles and spanks ,love and spanks Veronica lovey from ,Timxxx

  7. Mitch says:

    I don’t know, I guess she’d say..Hey nun, I think I am gonna fart! Haha.. The first comment is pretty good.

  8. dp says:

    “I trust the Lord with my soul. *OUCH!* But, my ass belongs to Sister Mary Kate… *OWWW!*”

  9. Mike says:

    The Lord Givith *SMACK* and the Lord Taketh Away.

  10. Desmone Fallon says:

    “So after this Sister, all of my venial sins are forgiven, is that it” ?

  11. Ms Ash says:

    “I’m pretty sure this is NOT extreme unction.”

  12. Chris says:

    “Sister, why is it that my prayers for spankings to be over never seem to get answered?

  13. k dog says:

    This is definitely not planking

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