Alexis Grace as My Crazy Roommate

12 Jul 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 1 Comment »

My Spanking Roommate Episode 112 up now - Alexis Gets Gag for being too loud!

There is a new scene on My Spanking Roommate.  Alexis Grace plays my roommate and it is my turn to spank her for Episode 112.  We shot the original scene (episode 103), in which she spanked me, a few months ago.  I posted a blog on my tumblr right after we shot that original.

Paddling Alexis Grace - Big Girls Do Cry

Since it’s all about the spanking scenes Alexis and I shot that day, I am re-posting that tumblr blog.  Here it is:

My day yesterday went a little something like this- went to get my underarms laserered (for hair removal not for some weird spiritual practice) and whatnot, post office run, then cleanin up for ze shoot at mi casa. What I love about my fetish photographer friends is they not only allow but they encourage my harmless insanity. They encourage me to fake cry about being spanked and to exclaim crazy phrases or make phone calls to “roommates” while being spanked with a hairbrush(by the way, the “roomie” I was calling was in actuality a friend so at first they were confused and concerned by me wailing in pain saying they can’t come back or they will be spanked too by this mean Alexis Grace girl who is spanking me- luckily eventually they caught on to my prank).

I made a real call to a surprised friend while Alexis was spanking me!!

I also got to spank Alexis Grace “training Her to be a good girl” since she was my bad roomie leaving her slutty bras around, flaking on rent, hooking up with random people too much so I put her over my knee and spanked her but she was Being too loud so i stuffed her slutty thong panties in her mouth. To give you a small idea of things I do during these fetish shoots :)

Of course I like traditional shoots as well but I love shoots where I’m encouraged to be as out there and ridiculous as possible even more :) because I have ADD and enjoy keeping fully myself and others fully amused if the camera is rolling.

Just imagine what Alexis and I could do with this paddle

Anyway, that picture above is Alexis and I about to use a heart paddle. The spanking with wooden objects tend to be the most painful but having a fat booty definitely helps absorb the pain and turns it into sexy.

Then afterward the crew and I went to a strip club on a whim with the original intent at trying the food we heard was “excellent”(hmph! blowhards..) had a glass of boxed wine and watched people play pool and nearly hit cue balls onto the lackluster bored looking strippers on stage (it was a bit of a dodgy biker place which from a bad past experience awhile back gives me the creeps to go into— let’s put it this way- I came out confused as hell with a broken finger from a wild-eyed stripper who likes to throw beer bottles at people on drugs back when I was 21 and just went to go to a topless bar for the first time).

Then we switched locations to get some new scenery, we went to another popular strip club called Club Rouge and it was a definite step up with the traditional big pictures of naked ladies, bordello decor, a fake baby grand piano that girls can dance on, etc. More my pace I suppose.. I like cheesy decadence in my strip clubs. We had a few red bulls and wines, watched a few dancers with gorgeous spankable bums.

Gotta shower! Off to more… Gotta pay all these damn bills and keep busy!

These spanking shoots usually end up with me getting a sore ass for days!

I’m still getting some Caption submissions for the contest on my last post.  Hurry if you have one, though, I will be deciding the winner in a few days.


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  1. tim says:

    Veronica you gave the beautiful girl big spanks,as she did to you ,2 beautiful girls spanking each other excellent,love and spanks,Timxx

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