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17 Aug 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 8 Comments »

Yesterday was a lot of fun for me because I was allowed to prop/somewhat style and direct 1 of our shoots which will be released on Spanked Call Girls site (which of course you can sign up for the 5 site pack and get that as well as all the others!). Look for it to debut on the site Monday August 27.  I am sooo grateful I was allowed to let my mind go and let it all play out– that’s why I LOOOVE being involved in this crazy world of spankings! It’s erotic, fun and makes for great fodder at a tea party. Thank ya’ll for letting me put my crazy pants on and take them off to commence the spankings. Enough with the worldwide web ass kissing– I’m not winning any awards for this so back to talkin’ about these exciting scenes!

We had a few new girls such as Ashley Rose, a few returnees like Madison Martin and her new redhead friend Scarlet, also new to us but well established girl/girl blonde pornstar Aaliyah Love. There was a type for everyone in there- you have a small cute bubbly blonde Aaliyah, me (a crazy redhead that transcends proper definition methinks), a Suicide Girl redhead with intricate tattoos (Scarlet), an amazon woman big booty enthusiastic blonde with big boobs (Ashley Rose- who just loooooooves spanking and flirting and can take a hard one FYI) and  established My Spanking Roomate site  brunette with booty Madison Martin. So, we had a birthday party for Madison as Madame Snow forced us (she is trying to boost the morale at the “office”  or in our case orifice I imagine). I went out to get a pinata for the celebration and filled it with something I knew would piss Madison off and I was being quite the crazy bitch “off of her meds” at this poor girl’s birthday party.. I mean TIME WAS A WASTIN’ Let’s get this party started and over with already so we can get back to work!!

I also busted out the ol’ digital camera to take pics of everyone taking their swings so we will have plenty of booty shots and girls in slutty dress pics from this scene- more photos then usual for all of these sets yesterday actually! Of course, I had to be taught a lesson and so did everyone else. Why exactly we end up all getting spanked is something you will just have to watch and see but I think for being mostly improv(no actual script) it was pretty hilarious and we all played off of each other and of course it ends in sexually exciting spankings in variety of positions/with and without implements/all girls end spanked with all of their different reactions and butt types.

Also, I took advantage of my recent weight training and pretty much bench pressed Aaliyah Love and if you think she didn’t get spanked while she was completely out of control lifted into the air by me- that would be just a waste ofa good midair booty! OF COURSE I forced her to endure spankings while I cradled her in my arms like a baby! This was a nice long spanking scene with all 5 of us girls from this birthday party so get ready! That was a spanktacular birthday if I do say so myself (and I do!)!

We also shot a few scenes for our other sites of course! Shot some new scenes for the SpankedSororityGirls site in our favorite schoolgirlesque outfits with rival schoolgirls Ashley Rose and Aaliyah Love where we take turns lifting her and spanking her (this will be an excellent video as well and will be the first to let you know when it’s out on the site), me as “The Temp” again which of course I always mess up on the job because insanity doesn’t always breed good work ethic,  and a few other great clips.  Here’s some sneak peek Behind The Scenes exclusive pics straight from my cellular phone camera:


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  1. Veronica you are the Lucille Ball of spanking. Except you can spank and get spanked really hard. Come to think of it, it is rumored that Lucy loved spankings, too. I am crazy about what you did with this big scene and I’m sure the members will love it too!!! Definitely a lot more directing in your future.

  2. Veronica Ricci says:

    THaaaaaank yoooooooou!!

  3. 2222hancock says:

    Agree with the cameraman, you can really spank and spanked hard! Yet to see this yet, but will do so soon and tell you how much I loved it! Was the special appearance by Pikachu your idea? :D

  4. SeymoreHiney says:

    can’t wait to see this one, looks like lots of nice round tushies straight outta hiney heaven! of course Veronica has the best Shiny Hiney Tushy Tush! *blush*

  5. tim says:

    Veronica wow this looks fun ,love your vids you are a naughty minx in your scenes look forward to this with love and big spanks from Tim in

  6. guau says:

    who is the blue with tattoos girl?????

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