Blogging live from ShadowLane the legendary Vegas Spank Convention!!

2 Sep 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 5 Comments »

I have a some news to announce so hold on to the edge of your seats especially if you have a sore bottom from being spanked already!

So first of all, I am here blogging from the legendary (in Spank World) Shadow Lane Spanking Convention in Las Vegas. Whew, after a month with not 1 day off between shooting for the insanely long but fun Playboy “Lawless” advertorial shoot , finishing up yoga instructor class, Penthouse, Ken Marcus bondage,, horror film Lizzie Borden, feature dancing in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend before (if you keep up with my twitter you are already aware from all the pics/tweets how relentless my schedule has been) I was about ready to PASS OUT from exhaustion after deboarding my flight home from Pittsburgh and jump in the car with famous cutie spank model Kat St. James to Vegas and even shoot our planned midway Vegas shoot where she officially LEAVES the spanking business for realsies (sorry to disappoint her fans!). Well, after resting up and missing my Exotic Dancer convention I had planned on hitting while in Vegas upon my arrival (I NEEDED that recouping time) I am back to feelin’ ace and here we are at this hotel/casino that allows ShadowLane to let us embark on our spanko convention. All of the attendees are assigned to stay on 2 floors designated for spankos, so it’s interesting to wait at the elevator on your floor and KNOW the person standing next to you is here for spanking reasons as well.. Lastnight was the Vendor’s Fair in the Spank Con show room where we sold our DVDs for our site in person and promoted amongst the other vendors. We also had great shoots with famous bicoastal spanking models such as Ten Amorette (I LOVE her feisty and quick-witted but very REAL personality), the new-to-me but not spankworld nun for our shoot Alex Reynolds, beautiful tall thin newbie Heather Green, my favorite erotic spanker Sarah Gregory , the excellent hard spanker and nun Miss Chris , and the lovely demure Jenni Mack so it has been a VERY successful ShadowLane convention thus far and we are not even finished! Of course I miss having my sweet and hilarious Clare Fonda at this event since she is the first person who brought me here and she is VERY missed, that has to be mentioned! So after that mouthful, there is even MORE news.

I was informed that I would be asked to shoot by other companies once we got to Shadow Lane and of course my boss was right so I was formally asked to go under contract and be exclusive to our sites. Of course I accepted so I am MARRIED to SpankingVeronica.Com and all of the sites on our network that I inherited from my business merger with the Fonda Network. I will get some kind of paddle promise ring to commemorate our official spank sanction!

Last but not least: My directorial debut for Spanked Call Girls has finally arrived! My little spanking brain baby is born to the world and it included so many great things I love such as fruit hats, skanky clothing, pinatas, pikachu, birthday parties, PADDLE and hand spanking, hard group spanking with lined up butts, LOTION and OIL shiney hiney spankings and strange positions such as the “wheel barrel” as well! Here are some pics and PLEASE be sure to check it out- it also debuts a few new hotties to our site such as new-to-spanking blonde adorable pornstar¬†Aaliyah Love …. ¬†CHECK THIS NEW SCENE OUT HERE AND SIGN UP THROUGH MY BLOG PLEASE: SPANKEDCALLGIRLS !! Keep checking in because I’ll be updating about the aftermath of ShadowLane and posting pics from being here as well and some just running around Vegas being a whackadoodle in between sets/convention stuff! :P

me topping with lotion booty on newbie Ashley Rose!


I guess I have it coming!

I really deserved this!!

Sneak Peek of what it's like at the Vegas Shadowlane Spank con with beautiful Sarah Gregory and I !! :P

Sarah Gregory, moi, Jenni Mack @ ze Spank Con dinner! :P

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  1. 2222hancock says:

    Brilliant directorial debut, Birthday Spanking Party was simply superb. Really like the Pikachu pinata and the oily asses were a nice touch. Spankingly awesome!

  2. tim says:

    Veronica glad you having a spanking good time with all the lovely girls at the spanko get together ,nice vid you designed and played in with some new girls on Spanked Callgirls ,sorry Kat is retiring from spanking scene she is a nice little spankee ,love and spanks ,Timxx

  3. Had a great time with you in Shadowlane, V.! I love how you commit to your scenes. We shot lots of outstanding scenes and readers please be assured that Veronica drove back to LA with several bruises on her poor behind.

  4. dp says:

    Congrats on your directorial debut! AND, you got to spank Madison Martin… The whole of human civilization is now jealous of you! ;)

  5. Corey says:

    love the Birthday Spanking Party videos especially when the oil came out & u girls said shiny hiney and Madison even said tushy on 1 of the clips! I never heard her say tushy before, that was so awesome, love the spanking and the shiny hiney tushy talk! Veronica is the best ever, I LUV U I LUV U I LUV U! xoxo

    Corey aka SeymoreHiney

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