it’s a Pow OW!

15 Sep 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 2 Comments »

Recently shot a scene with the hot tan, long legged, big breasted pornstar¬†Missy Martinez and it was her first real spanking scene! The scene I directed the most this time was me as a delusional ginger who thinks she’s a Native American that must spank the whites for their crimes against our kind. Poor Missy stumbles on me smoking my peace pipe, I offer her some and date rape spank her!! This is a great scene that uses racial talk, humiliation, costumery, outdoors and indoors, paddles and implements as well as hand, various positions and even nipple clamps. ¬†It will be released this Sunday on GirlSpanksGirl in the erotic spank section. Here’s a few teaser pics and click on them to make them bigger!! ::

poor poor Missy is passed out from the peace pipe.. rude awakening time!!!

Maybe I got overpowered :P

"Would you like to try some of my peace pipe, young white girl?"

"I must spank you for taking my people's land"

Bad white girls deserve punishment

ALSO great news for spankies on the fence about joining- if you JOIN through my blog and prove it (just let me know and what your name is and I can see if you joined thru my blog) I will make you a personal fan sign!!! Feel free to join for the 5 SPANKING SITE PASS and see all of the different types of updates for our spanking sites (including SpankingSororityGirls, SpankedCAllgirls, GirlSpanksGirl and more!) and see the BEST and MOST spanking erotic content out there!!

Here’s a quick example but I promise my fan signs to YOU will be better— this is just to give you idea of what a fansign is–

Fan Sign example --- I can put personal messages like "Spank me here, Principal Miller!"


Also read the blogs below this because I have updated a lot in the past few days AND edited 2 of the blogs to include MORE pics! FUCK YES! SPANK THE SKITTLES OUT OF ME!

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  1. Mike says:

    your one cool beautiful young lady Ms Veronica i would love to have honor of going over your strict lap for a very long hard spanking to teach me good lesson i read you dish out a hard spanking i want to feel and find out for myself how hard your spankings is

  2. tim says:

    Veronica the n.clamps look jolly painful on poor little Minnie Ha Ha character,but she gives you big spanks in the pics ,love and spanks,Timxx

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