Gia Steel Appears In Her First Spanking Shoot

22 Sep 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 4 Comments »

Gia discovers she's a good spanker

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I keep breaking in new spanking models.  This time it is adult star Gia Steel, who has a nice round ass.  But in this scene, Gia spanks me (I did spank her and got her very speckled, but you will have to wait a little while to see that episode).  For the Spanking Sorority Girls site Gia plays my best friend, Becky, whose mother decided to send her to a tough private school because it worked so well on me.  Of course Becky is not happy about this.

Bff's grope, right?

When she visits my sorority house, I tell her all about the spankings that go on, and of course I can’t keep my hands off her.  So she decides to teach me a lesson and spanks me.  We did the traditional over the knee position, then we tried the wheel barrel position which you will have to see in the scene.

The dreaded paddle

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  1. 2222hancock says:

    Is this out yet and do you spank her in the same episode?

    • Veronica Ricci says:

      The episode is up on the sorority site now. I don’t spank Gia in this episode. But you will see me spank her in a December episode.

  2. Mike says:

    notice uhad dirty socks on too while you were getting spanking from her bet you didnt know u had dirty socks on and iam sure she taught you good lesson seem like girls at the sorority girls house dont mind all spankings go on cause you all get spanked and get to give out spankings

    my one fantasty alway been to be spanked by the soroity girls after they cathc me sneaking in and doing panty raid or if i break some rules and i get paddle by the girls who caught me then i get few otk spanking plus double spanking from 2 girls. i would let you be one of those girls to do paddling and spanking

  3. tim says:

    Very nice series ,love and spanks,Timxx

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