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After getting back from a 6 day hiking/rock climbing/outdoor adventure trip with my sister in Sedona/FlagStaff/Grand Canyon,AZ; It is time for a NEW blog! I just did an interview relating to spanking for hooked up through my boy who has written a great book(s). Also, I went to a Comedy Store Fleshlight Naughty Show event lastnight in Hollywood and scouted a few HOT BABES for spanking shoots in the near future (pics included from lastnight’s event of course).

Also there are TONS of new scenes coming out on ALL sites as we have shot a ton and have a few upcoming big scenes we are about to shoot including a campsite related scene in a cabin as well as a BIG scene involving famous dominatrix Snow Mercy and KoKo in France for a huge school girl shoot this spring (I am not supposed to announce this just yet so it’s a secret…. shh! I am hoping if I announce it- it will 100% happen because I have luck with this method of throwing things into the universe and them happening positively thus far). If it does not happen- well, I’ll let you know but details are to come on that one. Now on to the good stuff- PICTURES and SPANKINGS!! Also, check the recent Missy Martinez shoot.

Sign up for ze spankings baby! I want to bend you over my knee and spank your bottom for being VERY BAD!

(from recent Native American spanking scene with gorgeous red carpet host at the Fleshlight NAughty Show event MISSY MARTINEZ )


Missy Martinez over my knee getting spanked for her WHITE SINS! she is the true Native who will show me who is boss SOON

Anastasia Pierce spanking me at Comikaze last weekend

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CHECK MY TUMBLR JUICYGINGER.TUMBLR.COM for pics from lastnight’s NAUGHTY SHOW at the Comedy Store with SEXY AS FUCK @MissyXMartinez hosting the red carpet like a champ!

We are also shooting Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely October 2nd for a special ed(ition) SPANKTACULAR event with details to come to not spoil the surprise completely!!!

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  1. Is the interview up? I can’t find it on that site.

  2. Veronica Ricci says:


  3. tim says:

    Veronica good post ,enjoyed your Minnie Ha Ha theme with Missy Martinez big spanks for both you girls ,love and spanks ,Timxx

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