Ryan Keely first time spanking about to come out!

7 Oct 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 8 Comments »

I took Ryan Keely’s on camera spanking virginity last week and this particular scene will be posted on Monday at SpankedCallGirls and is the only place you can see this saucy lady get down in spank town. Ryan Keely is a sexy brunette Cuban with a body that will make you lose your flippin’ mind! Pack a change of underwear for this wild ride because she not only is a mad scientist conducting experiments on poor call girls but she also has some kinky fetishes in this film! Ryan is a Penthouse Pet and Girl/Girl porn performer who has her own comic/videogame podcast that you can find if you click here.

Here’s some pics from our SpankedCallGirls shoot that has a surprising kinky twist (actually 2 kinky twists;):

How Dare Ryan dupe me! This slutty scientist seems to like it though..

I can't hide from Ryan.. not even behind her "world on a stick thing"

Muff said!

Ryan is into some weird stuff in this video...spanking and some anal play... I did not sign up for this!!! not on purpose anyway..

So go sign up to see Ryan Keely’s first spankings on film here!!

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  1. I would like to add that for her first time ever Ryan did a great job in her spanking scenes and took her spankings from Veronica like a champ. Ryan walked around during the entire shoot rubbing her butt and screaming whenever she sat down from how sore she got. I think she was truly surprised to discover how hard Veronica can spank!! And you guys need to check her bootie out in these scenes – exquisitely curvy. We will be shooting Ryan again for sure!

  2. dp says:

    Perhaps, next time, Ryan should take the thermometer from you, Veronica! It would only be just…

  3. Veronica Ricci says:

    Hehe! I think the thermometer made it hot- what did u think of that? Maybe next time she will

  4. tim says:

    Veronica very enjoyable series playing currently ,you 2 girls work well togetherhaving big spanks oh yes,love and spanks,Timxx

  5. dp says:

    Very hot! Super hot, and awesome. It definitely added something! Let’s hope she does… ;)

  6. Fred says:

    Veronica I love your approach to these videos, the Indian one is particularly a joy. The thermometer and your reaction was, as you say, hot. Maybe you should try figging.

    You haven’t mentiond (that I have noticed) you work on ClareSpanksMen. Does that not interest you as much?

    The Sorority site is wonderful and I’m lookng forward to the adventures going forward. Please keep it “kinky.”

    Thanks for what you do,

  7. tim says:

    Girl girl spankings are much better,Veronica ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

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