Camping at Mount Spankington!

19 Oct 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 3 Comments »

I just got back today from our 2 night camping/hiking trip with my friend and spanking model Ashley Rose and it was a great time! I don’t know about all of them but I had a ton of fun. We went out to eat at really delicious woodsy restaurants, stayed at a huge beautiful cabin with great views, went hiking and shot over 13 fun scenes including some while hiking in the woods! One of the scenes that is coming out the soonest will be at the erotic section of GirlSpanksGirl next Wednesday Oct 24th and it is 100% my idea and ad-libbed by me so you know it is sick and twisted and a major boner thriller since it’s video/photographed by the best spankproducer and one of my bestest friends in the universe (

This scene is featuring Ashley Rose and I on a “Cookie Scout” field trip. I am “asleep” on the top bunk at our scout cabin and I spy on younger brownie scout Ashley Rose sleeping in the bunk below me. Of course, being the perv scout that I am I wake her up by playing around with her and she tries to fight me.  I tell her if she wants to advance to my level- a real cookie scout that she has to let me check to make sure she isn’t stealing cookies in her nooks and crannies (I have to check by using a strap-on on her) also I have her suck my strap on to make sure she can fulfill her eventual duties to the man scouts when she gets to that level. Of COURSE there is spanking in it as well but this is a more erotic spanking video then the usual since Ashley brought up the idea of me using a strap-on on her when her and I were taking a bubble bath together (that’s behind the scenes though). I think she will make a fine cookie scout and eventually a fine woman scout if she continues practicing her man scout pleasing practices. It’s all a gradual learning process around here! She was also spanked to teach young Ashley the importance of discipline in the scouts and the team spirit of course.

Please sign up for GirlSpanksGirl through my blog and let me know if you do and I will send you a surprise thank you gift! Here’s some pics from these last few days’ shoots:




church of spanking in the woods!


wood whackers!


behind the cabin scenes!

I may have been a naughty PB bunny on this trip and got spanked for it!

hey look- it's sailor MOON!


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  1. tim says:

    Veronica this looks fun lovey ,might you do a bubblebath spanking together on one of the sites a wet botty stings more they say ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

  2. tim says:

    Veronica ,hope more spankos will leave comments here for you as you deserve it with your great vids ,love and spanks ,from ,Timxx

  3. I agree, Tim, where are the comments? Great pics, hot chick – she likes to interact with fans – so where is the love for this lady?

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