Is There a Need For a Star Wars Spanking?

30 Nov 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 5 Comments »

What do you guys think?  Any interest in seeing a STARS WARS themed spanking?  Suggestions?

I came across the photo below (it is not me) and it got me thinking…. hmmmm….

For those of you nearby Atlanta, be sure to stop in and see me do some feature dancing at the Pink Pony!     (see my post below for details about my dancing).  Here are my Atlanta Show Times.

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  1. tim says:

    Veronica ,yes you could do a nice girl to girl spankings one ,love and spanks ,Timxx

  2. I agree, Tim – it would be much better with a girl-girl spanking scene for Star Wars – versus say a robot or Jar Jar Binks. But who is the other female character from Star Wars that could have a spanking scene with Princess Leia? That series is seriously short on the hot chick quote, no?

  3. Veronica ricci says:

    Queen amidala of course! She get spanked by her mummy do being naughty

  4. tim says:

    Oh yes Veronica that would be hot ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

  5. William says:

    Yes! We need a Star Wars themed shoot. Just be careful about intellectual property since Star Wars is now owned by disney and they do sue.

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