Bublé Bath with THE Lexi Belle

9 Dec 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 6 Comments »

I was assisting on a movie set (Disaster Wars is the movie) today for TomCatFilms.com and got done earlier then expected so what better time to write a SPLOG!? I love portmanteaus so this spanking blog is now a “splog”.

As noted in last post, my recent SpankedCallGirls shoot with Lexi Belle was just unveiled for  your delight! It is a good one. Lexi got a good disciplinary spanking right over my knee after she taunted me and spanked me with the hard wood bath brush which left me speckled and red, amongst a bit of cat fighting and tomfoolery in the tub. Also she may have raped my ass with some anal beads for being a very bad girl right over Lexi’s lap. Tons of bubbled up bums in the bath tub as well- some would even call them SHINY HINEYS! You should definitely join here and watch the whole entertaining spanktaculous scene for yourself…

Now here’s the goods:


Check out the full scene including the anal bead raping on SpankedCallGirls


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  1. Did you really just use “portmanteaus” in a sentence about spanking?!

  2. Veronica Ricci says:


  3. Mike says:

    i find it funny you got a good spanking form Lexie sheo ne cutire pie and beautiful just like you and look like you spanked her back real good too so all iam going say is hahahahahahah but oam sure both did good job

    i still want a good spanking from you some bad i been bad boy i need a Ms veroncia Ricci type spanking form a very sexy spanker

  4. tim says:

    Veronica this looks good ,i shall check it out ,love and big spanks from ,Timxx

  5. tim says:

    Veronica ,yes young Lexi does give you big spanks ,love and spanks,Timxx

  6. Dave says:

    Cherry red hotness! Nothing like a bubblebath bare bottom beat-down with Lexi B. and Veronica :-)

    [The latest The Governess video is very spanktastic, btw, as well.]

    Keep up the amazing work,
    Dave ^_^

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