New Mafia Video with Yasmine DeLeon and Emily Parker Coming Monday

17 Jan 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 2 Comments »

Check out my newly released site on Monday for this hot new mafia scene with Yasmine DeLeon (our first sexy half black/ half Phillipina model- and Emily Parker (my best friend in real life and a very sexy laaaaady ). Emily Parker and I are associates in the mafia and she brings her little sexy tramp of a girlfriend around whom I suspect is a snitch for the other mob. So I put them both to the test to see if they are dirty rats. I spank Emily’s precious girlfriend right in front of her and force her to join in to make her prove that she isn’t an informant. Then I spank Emily to see if she’s up to no good and get her to talk. Of course, the tables turn and it’s coup d’tat up in this bitch in no time so my gangster ass gets the tommy gun treatment by these 2 exotic beauties. ┬áCheck it out here

Check it here: SpankingVeronicaWorks

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  1. Tim says:

    Veronica this looks very good ,love and spanksrom ,Timxx

  2. On a bizarre side note, the ladies started using that severed hand to spank each other and apparently it really hurts – Yasmine, who is a real life submissive, had to yell “cut” while getting spanked with the false hand (of a dead mobster of course) because of the pain.

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