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2 Mar 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 14 Comments »

I am at it spanking bad girls again and gettin’ spanked like the dirty debutante that I am…
The newest episode released shows me in SWAT uniform coming to spank the naughty out of saucy camgirl/fetish model Cassie Ramone. This young cute slender blondie Cassie had it comin’ with her sassmouth and bad girl tendencies so gets spanked like the naughty little nancypants that she is and even gets pegged with my strap-on in this scene too to REALLY show her WHO’S THE BOSS NOW! Although it looks like she may have liked being boinked by my plastic weiner a little at some points!

What a deserving Debbie she is!! Cassie realizes this is uncouth and turns on me spanking the SWAT out of me too! Geez Louise!!!!! Here’s a pic of me in SWAT uniform about to teach blonde Cassie a lesson and the other pictures are just gratuitous shots of my booty for you bumlovers out there (including brunette me from my early Penthouse days in the middle of the 2 girls) CHECK



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  1. william says:

    Those pictures of you as a brunette in between those other two girls, and you as a redhead with that red bottom, are so hot. Your website is smokin’ — as are you! What I would have given to have babysat you when you were eighteen. Or have you go back in time and be my babysitter.

  2. Hey William, I’m not sure how you got a babysitter fantasy from photos of Veronica in a SWAT outfit. I think there was something interesting going on in your childhood. But I like your idea of the “timeless” babysitter. Veronica Ricci time traveling as a spanking babysitter. Might work.

    • william says:

      Spot on observation. I was spanked quite a bit in my childhood by both parents, but especially by a baybsitter, a large buxom blonde girl from West Germany (this was in the 1960s). She was here as an exchange student and she earned extra money by babysitting for my parents. Needless to say she spanked me while wearing some rather traditional German school girl clothing. Great memories! It never hurt, no matter how hard she spanked, and she did spank very hard. I just howled and cried and put up a fuss because the more I did the more she spanked. And afterward she would hug me and cuddle with me.

      I’d love to see Veronica time traveling as a babysitter. She’d be great. And if she dressed up in a frilly white peasant blouse and brown shorts! Oh wow!!!

  3. crasher1717 says:

    Hey Veronica, I messaged you on twitter and you told me to reply to your blog, so I am. Btw, thanks so much for taking the time to reply and respond to me on twitter, it means a ton, I’m a huge fan! That said, I was wondering/hoping you and possibly a partner could do a spanking set with you guy wearing big, full cut, white, cotton, brief-style Hanes her Way panties (i.e.—shapewear/brief-panties/hanes-womens-panties-no-ride-up-cotton-briefs or the panties worn in the Aunt Bella series and some of the other Clare Fonda site updates) I’d really love to see some with you guys wearing them, they are my favorite. I’d also be willing to buy them and pay some for a custom set to see some of you guys wearing them and getting spanked over them, that is if you’re willing. Either way, thanks so much for the time, and hope you may be willing to at least do a set wearing those particular panties. Thanks again and all the best, -crasher1717

  4. Tim says:

    Veronica ,you give huge spanks to young Cassie as she will give you no doubt .The picture of you 3 cute girls bending showing your botties is very nice ,all very spankable ,love and spanks, Timxx

  5. Hey Crasher1717 – this is the Cameraman who works with Veronica on the sites. Best way to request a custom is to email me at and we can work over details and handle requests. Thanks for your interest.

  6. By the way, I know Veronica loves and reads comments on her blog posts. But the best way to get a response from her to is either say something witty or clever or ask a very specific question that begs to be answered. For example, this is a question that she might possibly respond to::: ——- Veronica – what are your feelings about blonde mermaids getting spanked – are they worthy or do only red-headed mermaids deserve spankings?

  7. veronica says:

    Dearest Cameraman,
    You are correct in your assumptions here.
    Thank you for your kind assessment, sir.

  8. Tim says:

    Veronica when you did the outside spankings did you have any onlookers ? love ad spanks,Timxx

    • veronica says:

      Dear Tim,
      We definitely did get onlookers outside. In fact, one guy ran up and started spanking with me and then afterward we had a beer and a firework lit up the sky. Just kidding. No one saw but we were paranoid someone would because it could have happened at any moment.
      Maybe they were watching in the bushes.

  9. Mike says:

    veronica i love your red hair iam sure your butt and you made other people butt red just like your hair from goosd spanking

    have you alway had red hair? was your hair any other color then red

    i still love be spanked and paddle by you some day can it happen for me to get a veronica ricci spanking

  10. Mike says:

    well any hair color look good on you the red hair on you or any female go show what color butt ass going be after a good spanking mean you will have matching pair lol

  11. Tim says:

    Veronica well they would have enjoyed it s we love to see you spanking and being spanked y other lovely girls ,love and spanks,Timxx

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