Thinking About Going To Shadow Lane Convention Again

11 May 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 3 Comments »

“This picture of Clare Fonda spanking me (for the Spanked Call Girls site)  is from the Shadow Lane convention last year, which was a blast. For those of you who don’t know; Shadow Lane is a fetish (focus on spanking) convention in Vegas near the end of every summer.

Many companies use this as the perfect opportunity to meet models and have shoots in Vegas while everyone is at the same place. It’s a lot of fun and the people who put on Shadow Lane (Tony and Eve) love it themselves.  The photo below was taken at a time share in Vegas, but we also did scenes at the hotel where most of the convention guests stay.

Clare Fonda Spanks Me While at the Shadow Lane Convention

Last year, I went with the Clare Fonda crew and we drank a bit, shot with a ton of models including ones who don’t live on the west coast so it was good to catch them. In addition to shooting with Clare, I shot with Kat St. James (my blonde “sister”), domme Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, Ten Amorette (who actually played my nanny in one scene) and a girl who was from London named Leia-Ann Woods.

All of them brought their own spanking energy to the table and it was a fun shooting trip as well as visiting the convention floor. On the floor, Clare put me over her knee and spanked me for all to see and showed off some of her latest and greatest videos on a personal DVD player. Maybe I will go again this year as well….what do you guys think?

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  1. tim says:

    Veronica lovely photos of you lovey ,i enjoyed your vids you filmed there ,i love your vids now on the established sites and Spanking sorority girls you appear on with other beautiful girls like you,love and spanks Veronica from ,tim in

  2. Hey I must’ve taken those photos but I can’t tell (or remember) what your expression in each could mean. First photo maybe, yikes not this again? Second you look like you could be smiling? Anyway, here is one vote that you go to Shadow Lane again and shoot some more.

  3. Ms Ash says:

    You put in a sentence like this: “On the floor, Clare put me over her knee and spanked me for all to see”, and you wonder what our answer is going to be? ;) ;)

    Another vote in favour, and I’ll leave it at that :D

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