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18 Apr 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 1 Comment »

Hey all,

So if you follow my twitter/instagram/vine accounts (geez… so much social networking sites out there these days..) then you know I had a “trailer trash themed” birthday party and orchestrated sort of a “dinner theater” type show where actor friends of mine were in on being my “insane uncle” or “disgruntled landlord who I owe money” and “meth head cousin”, etc.. It was a fun time. I spanked Phoenix Askani after she attempted to steal my boom box (presumably to sell for meth) and we wrassled down to the ground fighting over my stereo while my crazy hillbilly uncle tried to break it up unsuccessfully. Some say the brawl was “exotic” or kinky. Anywho, I didn’t really get spanked on my birthday because a friend brought some kids (wasn’t expecting that) and had to keep it kosher somewhat.

Here’s some pics and a post bday video where I spank Miss Emily Parker (my BFF and spankee)

Also check out new scenes on


Check out and for MORE BTS thanks!


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  1. Sad to hear you missed birthday spankings this year – next year we MUST shoot a scene around your b-day to make sure it happens. But thanks to you and your BFF Emily Parker for sharing some free booty smackin’ – looks like she offers a nice curvy target! Maybe in next year’s scene we get Emily to dish out your b-day spanks.

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