Exercising my right to SPANK YOUR ASSSSSSSssssSSS

12 Jun 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 8 Comments »

One of the first clips from the French EE8(and more shoots) has finally been posted to SpankingVeronicaWorks.com ! In this episode I am a crazed work out teacher who huffed too much aerosol paint and has gone a little mad despite my love for fitness and French culture. 4 unsuspecting beautiful American women visiting France (links to their twitters: KoKo Kitten, Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, Missy Rhodes )find my online ad for a hiking/workout class in the woods of St. Tropez and come to get their workout in. We all meet at the designated spot and I instruct some basic yoga and exercise segments but I force these poor health conscious hotties to spank eachother and show me what I really care about (their fine ass booties- being in France I was hankerin’ for some fine American ham and they quenched my thirst). Some of these work out students start to protest and wonder if what I’m doing is legal. Well, they should have done their research!  Maybe trusting a work out instructor off of a website that people use for casual sex meet ups/ buying used car parts is NOT going to be the most legit place for getting a REAL workout in! I think they got what they deserved and that is SPANKINGS and humiliation! After they all spank eachother even in squat stance confused at what I am having them do, etc. they all hold me down including holding my braid pigtails and spank me until I cry and protest. I was humiliated… I mean what if some French hiker walked up and saw the whole thing happened? We could get arrested or it could just be really embarrassing if they took pictures and laughed at me being spanked in public?!

Here’s some pics and please go sign up for SpankingVeronicaWorks to go see this and more sexy spanking scenes.

These girls don’t know what kind of work out class they are in for!!!

French workouts are very different then American work outs!

Now girls line up and rub eachother’s sore bums!

not my braids! how shameful!

How dare you hold me down and spank me in public!

Off to see the wizard! Hope he doesn’t spank us too!

So go sign up for SpankingVeronicaWorks to see this and many more SCORCHIN’ SPANKING SCENES!

Also, on an unrelated side note- I just got a magazine cover released today 5 monthes after I quit doing porn proper (as most of you know I started out in girl/girl erotic porn prior to spanking)– This cover is on stands now for Cheri magazine and was actually taken in my real kitchen (notice everything is yellow including my barely-there sweater. I was going through my yellow period. ) using whipped cream (I am into new types of whips these days!)… I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say if he came into my kitchen while I was doing that (for those of you that know his Food network show Kitchen nightmares)… Maybe I would have to be spanked for being so naughty in the kitchen— Here’s the cover!

I don’t remember saying that quote! what a naughty nellie I am!


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  1. Tim says:

    Veronica ,yes this looks a nice vid series .Your magazine appearances are interesting glad you joined the spanking scene lovey ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

  2. Mike says:

    veroncia you could spank my assssssssssssssss anytime even do it in front of all those girls then have them all gang up and spanks my ass then dream come true iget spanked by all my fav spanking model

    have you ever persoanlly spanked or given spanking to a fan? when out and about in public

    • Veronica Ricci says:

      I did spank a fan once but it didn’t react too much. It just laid there like inanimate objects often do. I never told anyone that before, thank you for letting me share a personal moment.

  3. Mike says:

    ya welcome i think it cool you span a fan once i think by lay there like an inaimate object meant you had fan over your lap for the spanking

    now if i had chance be given spankings from you i would for sure do more then lay there i would cry out and let you know how good job your doing. then thanks you for the spanking i hope if i see u in person met you i would ask you to spank me iam sure you be more then happy too

  4. Mike I hate to be the one who brings the bad news to you, my friend, but just to translate, I believe that Veronica was saying that she spanked a fan that blows air. Now by this, I don’t mean someone who follows Veronica around, blowing at her, but one of those objects that have 3 blades that spin around and generate air. They are called fans. You plug them in, turn them on, the blades spin and air is generated. Wait did I say “turn them on?” This is getting confusing. Never mind.

  5. BTW, Veronica, didn’t it hurt your hand to spank a fan?

  6. Mike says:

    Well that ok cameraman if that the case then no biggie I admit I should thought more but I have feeling you could been right that ok too

  7. Tim says:

    lol ,oh Veronica you are funny ,love and spanks from one of your many spanky fans ,

    love and spanks,Timxx

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