Takin’ The Law Into My Own Hands

9 Aug 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 7 Comments »

In this newest update of SpankingVeronicaWorks.com I come to serve and protect. I am a parole officer who catches these naughty cute teenage girls skippin’ school and funding their bad habits by sellin’ their sweet little tooshies to whoever will buy out there on the mean streets. Someones gotta teach these young ladies a lesson fast!  We don’t need no more episodes of that Teen Mom show stinkin’ up the TV. First I saw little latina cutie Chloe Amour shakin’ her booty suckin’ lollipops like some lil’ lolita with some weird old man flashin’ around some $$$ bills so I grabbed her by the hair and brought her to our corrections facility then I saw her compadre big blue eyes sexpot Lynn Pops was gettin’ a pretty penny for that teen booty poppin’ out of her schoolgirl skirt. Now, call me Vigilante Vicky but I believe in corporal punishment and sometimes you need to give these grown up kids an ass whoopin’ that their poor parents shoulda gave em so they wouldn’t be out here showin’ their goodies to whoever will look. As a pregnant corrections officer, it is my job to see that young girls don’t end up on drugs livin’ in a van down by the river pregnant like me and making crack babies and continuing on the cycle. So I’m here to administer the firm hand of the law and teach these girls some discipline so they will get back into school and get off those dirty streets. This is a really hot episode with lots of good reactions, hard spankings and red booties. I’m gonna guess if these girls do head back out to the streets that those customers are gonna be askin’ for a swift discount with those bruised bottoms they had after I’m done with em. Here’s a few pics but you better go watch this yourself or I’ll have to come find you and discipline you to. See it for yourself here: SpankingVeronicaWorks.com 




Come see these 2 naughty teens cruisin’ for a bruisin’ here Spankingveronicaworks.com

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  1. Mike says:

    looking good miss veronica did good job as alway keep up the good work keeping these naughty girls in line no crying when they bend you over their lap for your spankings

  2. Ken says:

    Veronica, I recently joined Spanking Veronica Works to check out all your amusing vocational spankings and to see more of the gorgeous Chloe Amour. You gotta feel bad for poor Chloe. On her first spanking shoot ever she got spanked by both her priest and her parole officer! I hope that she learned her lesson and won’t end up living in a van down by the river…lol

  3. Tim says:

    Yes Veronica you are ding a good job spanking the little minxes botties ,love and spanks,Timxxdoing.

  4. Mike says:

    think you desver a good spanking cause link to your site dont work so you desver a good paddling on cute bare butt for the error i click on link couple time told me cant be found

  5. Ken did you enjoy the parole officer spanking Chloe? I am pretty sure Chloe and her friend Lilly will find a way to turn the tables on their parole officer soon.

    • Ken says:

      Yes I did and I like the new site. Chloe is so gorgeous I would probably enjoy just watching her eat a sandwich..lol
      Seriously, she is a great newbie and I’m glad she worked out so well.
      Definitely looking forward to her getting revenge on her PO..

      take care

  6. Tim says:

    The litle minxes got their own back .

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