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3 Sep 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 7 Comments »

I just barely got back from the annual Shadowlane Spanking convention (shortly after the Fetish Convention in Florida I just went to.. Wow. that was insane and fun) that happens every summer in Las Vegas. As usual, I shot with a ton of girls that are non-LA locals visiting for the convention including Joelle Barros, Sarah Gregory (one of my favorites- I love her spanking style) and Christie Cutie (she is super adorable in every way and is impressively spankable).  Also, we had a booth at the Shadowlane Vendor fair to promote the all of the CFW sites including and we had Christy Cutie as well as Emily Parker (my bestest buddy for 20 years now) those who don’t know) signing  DVD’s , eating snacks and contemplating the nature of existence behind the booth. Here’s some Shadowlane pics if you weren’t there:

Emily Parker gettin wild at the shadowlane vendor fair booth

Emily Parker my spanking shelf

Emily, me, Sarah Gregory and Christy Cutie

we look like the cast of Spanking in the City here (at shadowlane convention) Emily, me, Sarah G, Christy C


On the way to Shadowlane, Jenna Rose (Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012 who is exclusive with us for spanking) shot a few scenes with us road trip style on the way to Vegas. Jenna Rose is amazing for spanking- she has this amazing perky booty from working out and she really likes being spanked (she does not tap out quickly- she takes it like a champ. I love a sexy tough girl).

I loved shooting these because I’m a roadside attraction enthusiast (especially for anything haunted or historical- score!) so getting a chance to stop off and engage in the ghost towns and whatnot makes me very happy! Also, there was an unexpected desert flash flood while we were shooting so you may see some wet hair and rain droplets come and go in these videos.. I love the weirdness of extreme rain in the desert so that was bonus points to the day for me. Here’s some silly pics we took on our desert drive shoot:

at the Peggy Sues’ 50′s diner (where they shot some of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure! COOL man) in Yermo, CA on the way to Vegas with Jenna Rose

I like to pick girls up just to see if I can.. it’s a fetish, maybe. Jenna Rose has some sweet gams as you can tell.


Anywhoodles, I am pretty beat from all this travelling and spanking so I think it’s high time I take a bath and wake up passed out in lukewarm water. My next blog better be better then this one or they are going to send me back to the School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good*! I’ve been travelling a lot this month and preparing for my upcoming concert so I got my mind off the ‘net and into the game. Also, I took a boxing class so prepare to see me get some boxing moves going in my upcoming videos because I’m into it. There’s a good chance my boxing classes are going to make me stronger then I already am too which means I may have to get a weapons permit for my sweet guns soon!

Check out (my newest and most favorite site of the CFW network)

P.S. Check out this 5 min goofy sketch starring Clare Fonda(yes, the Clare Fonda!), Tera Patrick, comedians and myself. I wrote it and was in it: silly video

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  1. Also shot with newbee (to us) Joelle Barros at the Shadow Lane convention. Veronica, you were amazing as always there – and sorry that shockingly strong Jenna Rose turned you so purple.

  2. Mike says:

    look like fung spanking good time was had by you 2 crazy girls

  3. Daveu says:

    I m sorry we never met at shadowlane, christy says you are the bomb.



  4. Tim says:

    Veronica the girls are lucky to be picked by you to test your strength ,then a sound spanking of course ,love and spanks,Timxx

  5. SeymoreHiney says:

    Veronica and Jenna Rose and tushy spanking? thats a hiney hall of fame dream come true! rumor has it that Jenna and Veronica like to say tushy and hiney alot too! *blushing* lol

  6. Tim says:

    Yes i believe they do,love and spanks,Veronica,Timxx

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