Patriotic Punishment

13 Sep 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 5 Comments »

In this newest episode on we have an exclusive first time model Raine getting spanked by the army recruitment officer (me). She comes into my office needing some discipline and order spanked into her. Her push up form is bad so I have to teach her how to give proper push ups as well corporal punishment (SPANKINGS!) on her bare behind to let her know that she better get used to taking orders. She has a very tempting physique and cutie face so I do get touchy feely with her hoping she’ll understand that it’s for her country.

I also suspect she’s a communist when she gets sassy with me so I spank her for her commie affiliations and I start to feel a little bad for her so I rub some lotion designs on her. She had a very shiny hiney and I got a little carried away rubbing lotion onto her red booty. I paint right on her bare bum including 1 design that meant peace before Hitler high jacked it for his own brand logo(can you guess which that is?).  Raine realized that it’s not exactly professional protocol for the army recruiter to get so frisky and violent with her so she gets me back spanking me very hard with a wooden implement that left marks. It was in fact the same wooden implement I used on her, how humiliating!! Check it at

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  1. Alexander Q says:

    I hate Nazi commie fascists with bad attitudes who can’t do pushups.

  2. Veronica and Raine really bonded on this shoot!!!! Their chemistry was through the roof. Great to see. Like Veronica’s smile on the last photo above. Pain and pleasure :)

  3. Mike says:

    nothing like gettiing a good spanking for your country lol again look be awesome shoot and Miss Veronica did good job with her spankings even so carry away glad she get spanked too by model she spanked

  4. Tim says:

    Veronica i love your spanky antics lovely girl,yes little Raine does receive big spanks on her botty ,but she will get her own bak oh yes your cute tushy will blush too ,love and riendlyspanks from ,Timxx friendly..

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