Do Re Spank Mi or The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Spankings!!!

11 Oct 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 6 Comments »

In this newest ‘sode of I apply to be a singer for Sarah Gregory‘s company. Apparently, I’m no Julie Andrews/Meatloaf(any relevant singer you know of..). I thought just putting on some fancy lounge singer dress and opening my mouth would be enough… They want me to…. ACTUALLY SING? Sing…well?! Umph!! Miss Gregory (well known spanking model! And amazing!!!) is quite mad at me for wasting her precious interviewing time with my nonsense and she spanks the scales right outta me using her business hand/a CANE/and a strap!! Don’t worry about little ol’ me though because I know what’s legal and what’s snot. I pull down Sarah’s business pantyhose and sensible underpants under her professional skirt and give her a real revenge spanking. Spankin’ Sarah takes it rough but doesn’t go down easy- no wonder she made it so far in the professional world. Sarah’s a feisty girl that puts up a good fight and that’s 1 of the reasons I dig her! Go check out the scene here for a strapping good time: —ALSO CLICK ON PIC TO MAKE THEM BIGGER SUPERSIZE STYLE!!!!

she left marks on my red bottom!!!

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  1. I happen to know that Veronica is actually a very good singer and just pretends to be bad in this scene. Sarah can sing too! So maybe some day these two can star in a spanking musical!!

  2. If they did do a spanking musical, what would you guys suggest calling it?

  3. How about “Owww-klahoma?” Or “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Spanking?” or “Little Shop of Spanking Whores?” So many possibilities. And then there is the actual play with spanking in it “Kiss Me Kate.”

  4. Mike says:

    Just found out about you and your website. These scenes you’re in seem great!

  5. Tim says:

    Ywes a good title for the girls to sing yes,,best,Tim.

  6. Mike says:

    hope you and sarah both learn lesson after the spankings you both desver

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