Anikka Allbrite’s bum is spanked clean!

31 Oct 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 2 Comments »

There once lived a beautiful big bootied blonde named Anikka Allbrite who’s mother was sick of her not keeping her room clean. Anikka’s mom is sick of Anikka being a sassy, disobedient brat with a thrashed room. I recently became an army recruitment officer and sometimes I do weird gigs on the side to pay for my expensive glass doll collection. Anikka’s mom hired me over to discipline her any way I saw fit until she was obedient.. Spanking is my favorite method of putting young ladies in their place. I spank her nice and heavy on her big luscious booty and pull her blonde ponytails. Anikka realizes what I am doing is illegal and gets me back. Check it out on

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  1. Mike says:

    kind of funny that spanker end up being spanking for doing something illegal lol i think u accept the spanking cause didnt want get in trouble for giving her the spanking she desver

    but u were allow to spank her cause her mom said so dont see how be illegal i am sure the model who spank you back spank you more hader or just as hard when u spank them

  2. I agree with Mike. When someone’s mom says that it is okay to do something to her daughter, it can’t be illegal! I sense a new scene in the future called “Mom’s Permission.”

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