Just Call Me Mommy Dearest or No Wonder They Call Me MaMa

22 Nov 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 2 Comments »

Lately, I am always blogging about my newest site SpankingVeronicaworks.com but today I’m gonna take some time to blog about some sweet updates on SpankedSweeties, my sister site. Recently we had on Jenna Rose, Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, and she told us about how she was really spanked growing up if you are interested in the titillating truth. For the re-enactment I play Jenna Rose’s newer mother spanking her for trying to escape out of the yard like a bad little girl. Then we do another where Syren De Mer plays Jenna’s mom and spanks Jenna and her bratty friends and relatives all at the same time (I play one of Jenna’s naughty bad influencing friends of course!!). Syren as the milf(I mean mom!!!) spanks Jenna, me and even Kym Jane  with a belt on our bare behinds for being naughty nellies!!!! I protest as I always do brattily but the sweet and remorseful Jenna Rose cries at her punishment. Here’s some pics you can click to make larger and scroll down cuz there is MORE::

Syren De Mer is a mean mommy!!! Jenna Rose, Kym Jane and I get SPANKED

with the belt!!!!

bad girls getting spanked by mommy Syren!

Check this episode out NOW on SpankedSweeties.com and sign up thru me because then I get $$$$. THANKS!

ALSO this is a 2 part blog because there have been so many updates I haven’t blogged about yet— We have my very best friend in the whole wide world hot booby brunette cover of Biker magazine Emily Parker and she is getting interviewed about her real life experiences being spanked growing up. In on re-enactment I play her mom when Emily was just a young girl and I spank sassy Emily for wearing slutty clothes and back talking me and she gets so gosh darn sassy that she spanks me back. You better believe she was in pain from mommy’s firm hand of justice!! Also we have bondage model legend Lorelei Mission playing Emily’s mom when Emily had grown just a little and taught Emily that saying bad words will get you bent over and spanked like a baaaaad girl deserves. Here’s some pics and GO SIGN UP for SPANKEDSWEETIES.com ::

Me in my fanciest house robe and hat playing Emily Parker’s mom
Emily Parker being spanked by her mom Lorelei Mission with a ruler!!! bad girl!!!
young Emily is getting what she deserves over my knee!!!
Lorelei spanking her naughty daughter over the couch for cursing!!


CHECK OUT SPANKEDSWEETIES.com for all the episodes and DELIGHT IN OUR PAIN and jerk off with our tears… I know I will.


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  1. Tim says:

    Veronica Emily is a nice spankee girl who is given big spanks on her cute botty ,love and spanks from ,Timx

  2. mike says:

    Ok Mommie Dearest another awesome spanking shoot. you are excellent spanker do you feel you became better spanker then when first started spanking people

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