Extra! Extra! This Just in! Whiney White Girl Gets Whacked By Loca Latina

1 Dec 2013 by Veronica Ricci, 1 Comment »

In the newest episode of Spankingveronicaworks.com, I decide I’m going to take the punta plunge and train to become the Cholita of my dreams. I am sick of getting excited reading Lowrider magazines and practicing my best head up lean back stance while brandishing my comb knife whilst practicing folding my bandana repping my hood (My multitasking ability is impressive obviously). It’s time to get out there and show the competing barrio who’s the bo$$ bitch and let these whiny whities know homies not playin! Spicy Latina bad ass Jasmine Mendez posted an ad on Craigslist for “Chola training” and she accepted payment installments (have to save $$ for my hydraulic Impala with Dubs so she really appealed to my thrifty side.. plus she had some solid business reviews on Yelp but I later suspected she probably wrote them herself on alternate accounts to drum up biz). So I met up with Jasmine and that chola rapscallion just spanked me instead– She called me a cultural degenerate or something— a whiny white girl who couldn’t make it in the real barrio! I fell for the oldest trick in the spanking book- the ol’ bait n’ switch! Jasmine spanked me for being a dumb white girl trying to be a chola and made me cry with her heavy hand and sadistic hairbrush hits! As you can tell from the pics I got pretty red and pink on my bum which of course only gave her more white girl fodder to laugh about. Maybe she should take upa side job as a white humiliation specialist– I know some reverse racists that could get into that. Pics from the scene to tempt your senses:    

I’m such a whiny white bitch!! she spanks me while I whine

Why does being white hurt so bad/good? Spankingveronicaworks.com

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  1. Mike says:

    your cute and adorable when you whine when getting spanked but you take your spank like a good girl should

    i alway wanted be spanked by latina female that be hot to be spanked by one but you still top of my list i want spanked by so no worries there

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