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In honor of the 20th anniversary (man, TIME SKATES BY! Hard to believe it has already been 20 years since the news of this scandal shook the world over. I think the ice rink may have been made of Nancy’s frozen tears in ’94) of the ice skating championship scandal between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya HArding (’94) the newest episode of echoes the sentiments of the ice scatting conundrum. Beyond writing run on sentences, I play trailer trashy Tonya Hardspanking. I am sick of wholesome/angelic Nancy Kerrigan played by (2012 Penthouse Pet of the Year)Jenna Rose always winning the gold and I would always come in at 2nd place. After lusting over the trophy (and I do mean lusting– when I returned the trophy back to it’s case before the award ceremony, Nancy had no idea why it was covered in “sweat”) I evened the playing field a bit and “Nancy” comes back to show me how mad she is. Maybe I should have taken up baseball instead because hitting her knee was a homerun for me. For being a little prissy bitch, Nancy has some guns on her because I needed to chip some ice off to numb my sore butt when she was done getting me back! Go check it out here at Also, check out this silly video with Ron Jeremy, Ashley Rose and Jenna Rose involving ice skating and strippers here.





check out the comedy video here

check out this spanking scene here

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  1. mike says:

    well if ice around for you girls could always use the ice help cool off well spanked butt

    love this shoot both did good job like always do when do the spanking shoot

  2. Nancy is taller than Tanya, but Veronica is taller than Jenna. But Veronica chose to play Tonya so that she could embrace her inner trailer-park girl!

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