Spanking Tax

27 Apr 2014 by Veronica Ricci, 2 Comments »

In this episode on, I am a tax accountant. My bitchy rich client is coming in trying to write off another ridiculous item(a pony for her bratty daughter!) that could make me lose my license and get her an obvious audit. I explain to her that she can’t write EVERYTHING off and she has to pay some taxes. She whines and pleads and is clearly teaching her spoiled daughter bad behavior so I spank her daughter in front of her mom. Then I teach her mom how to properly discipline her daughter. Then I spank her mom and have the daughter learn how to discipline her overgrown brat of a mother. Then they spank me because hey, it’s illegal to spank your clients! This is one for the books, check it out at
Here’s some sample pics featuring excellent spanking models Fiona and Willow May(Rose) who are also professional switches at the local dungeons in LA:

 As Always click on photos to see full enlarged version

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  1. Tim says:

    Veronica a nice little spankee girl Willow is here with you both ,pleasant debut of spanks galore,love and bestspanks,Timx

  2. Corey says:

    naughty girls and their heavenly hiney have to pay their tushy taxes! ~SeymoreHiney

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