Another Appearance By Elvira

26 Oct 2014 by Veronica Ricci, 3 Comments »

QUESTION: What’s twice as good as one scene with Elvira?  ANSWER: Two scenes with Elvira.

Judging my sorority sisters costumes

Judging my sorority sisters costumes

I shot another scene as Elvira, and this time I think I even improved on the make-up a little bit.  And instead of one foe, I shot with TWO super hotties – Koko Kitten and Ludella Hahn.

I have spanked Koko many times before. It's never enough

I have spanked Koko many times before. It’s never enough

This time the scene was for Spanking Sorority Girls. I have shot with Koko before and we have a great connection. This is the first time I met Ludella. I hadn’t seen any pictures of her prior to this shoot and I was so pleasantly surprised by how beautiful she is and how magnificently round her bootie is!!

The "treat" in Trick-or-treat is spanking Ludella

The “treat” in Trick-or-treat is spanking Ludella

In the scene, I get mad at Koko and Ludella for not dressing up to par for the Halloween costume competition. So as their senior sorority sister what other choice do I have?  I must spank them.  But of course they team up and spank and paddle me. Ouch.  Great scene.

Special appearance by maternal panties

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  1. mike says:

    alway want be spanked good and hard by elvira doesnt matter if it you dress as her spanking me it win -win both 2 ways

  2. Mike you should go to one of those fan conventions and ask Elvira to spank you. She just might be into it. There’s one in LA this weekend. Who knows who else might be there – maybe even a spanking model or two.

  3. mike says:

    cameraman i would go if could but La con is too far from me but i have no money but i would love be spanked by real Elvira along with few spanking models

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