The Spanking of Sharon Lee

12 Jun 2012 by Veronica Ricci, 9 Comments »

Just did a shoot with Sharon Lee on Thursday! Sharon Lee is a French Vietnamese girl who has done more porn in Europe then she has in the US and was just in California visiting so we booked her! She actually can barely speak English so at first it presented some challenges as she wasn’t aware she was booked for spanking. She picked it up after I used Google Translator to tell her what we were doing and she turned out to be great. We did a few scenarios, and of course switched roles. She made a great mean French teacher who tried to teach me to count to 100 in French as I goofed off and sassed her then she got spanked while I tried to teach her to count to 100 in English in a seperate scene for the Sorority site.

I think you guys will love her- a feisty Vietnamese girl who only speaks French and was great in the scenes and had plenty of funny lost in translation moments. It was all sexy body language and using touch to teach her but we meshed very well. It was a pleasure to rub baby oil on her ass and spank her as well as kiss her while she speaks French. I did light worship on her too and I can’t wait to rebook her for more– I would love to worship her entire body and get spanked for perving out in future scenes?! *BAZINGA!* I felt like one of those old school cartoons where the guy wolf sees the cute girl bat her lashes and walk around and his eyes bulge, jaw drops and his tongue is panting and he’s just like “ARRRRRROOOOOGA!”… I get like that around girls I like sometimes… “If I told you you have a nice body, would you press it against me?” :P

PLEASE GO CHECK THE Spanked Call Girls SITE OUT – that is where my first scene with Sharon Lee is up now (the one where I rub the baby oil on her and we spank each other).  Two other scenes will appear in the future on the sorority site.  Or you can join all five sites (so far I am the only model on all 5 of these spanking sites) for one great deal and >>please join through my blog<< because it has an affiliate code that sends some coins my way and helps me fund my weird little lifestyle: SPANKINGSORORITYGIRLS!!!

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  1. Hey Veronica Ricci fans you should definitely try to check out this scene – she pulled out all the stops in her scenes with Sharon. While she was pouring the oil all over Sharon’s ass, she was doing the “shiny hiney” treatment. Funny, sexy and good spanking all in one.

  2. Lonewulf says:

    Is it sad that I visit a website that has sexy ladies spanking each other and all I can comment on is “editing issues”? heh

    First, “If I told you you have a nice body, would you press it against me?” is meant o say “If I told you you have a nice body, would you hold it against me?” That way it comes across as a innocent but sexy double entendre.

    Second, if you were intending to link to twitter, tumbler and camgirl accounts separately, then operation: fail because all you did was link to spanking sorority girls.
    When I get ahead of things, I fully intend to use the bookmarked camgirl link!

    Okay, I lied. I’ll comment on the sexy spanking ladies after all. heh I was rather surprised by Sharon Lee. I am not usually attracted to Vietnamese ladies, but she was pleasantly surprising.

    Any chance you might team up with SpankAmber? Hmm. Two redheads who like to trade spanking/being spanked? No, I guess not… the cameras would probably melt! :P

    • Veronica Ricci says:

      The link issue was unintentional but realized after completion, i left it as is because i expect people to be able to make their own decisions and figure things out on their own :) SpankAmber? would love to one day

  3. Veronica Ricci says:

    I haven’t met SpankAmber….yet. But there are plans in the works to shoot with another hot redhead next month, my friend Phoenix Askani.

  4. Dave says:

    That scene and the preview pix looks sizzling and spankastic — keep up the bun-blazing work!



  5. tim says:

    Veronica yes it is a good vid with you and Sharon very hot not onlyyour cute bottywith big spanks placed ,love and spanks,timxxx

  6. dp says:

    Gotta love a “shiny hiney”, haha!

    And, your bare butt on not one, but FIVE, sites. That’s the deal of the century.

  7. online bdsm says:

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  8. Shin says:

    Many times my S/O and I have played “flip the qrteaur” it is a great game to help strip each other… Female flips a qrteaur, if it comes up heads, male gets to take off a piece of her clothes. She gets to flip the qrteaur again if it comes up tails; she gets to take off the next piece of guys clothes. This continues to first person has a bare bottom. Once your bottom is bare you can choice what you would like done for the next five minutes (spanking, back rub, other fun stuff) The person with the freshly bared bottom gets to flip again if it comes up with their side of the coin, they get to choice what they want for the following ten minutes or if it came up the other person’s side, more clothing comes off and this continues until the second person has their bottom bared and they get what they want S/O if you are like me, sometimes when the flips don’t go my way, I have to wait for my spankings, while giving back rubs, feet massages and the like to my S/O who is not into spankings, but she will spank me. Sometimes my bottom gets several spankings in a row, starting at five minutes and moving to ten and so on the implements usually change so by the fourth or fifth session, my bottom can be very properly spanked. After we are both tired of flipping qrteaurs, we usually move onto other pleasurable activities.houston_switch

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