9 Mar

Mistress of the Plant Convention

In my latest job update as an Elvira impersonator, I head on down to the local Plant Convention. Hey, conventions love photo ops with celebs. So I thought I would show up and charge $5 a picture for convention attendees to take a photo with their favorite 80s Celebrity: ME! Elvira! Little did I know, these loonies Koko Kitten ( This girl is gorgeous and a riot and smart to boot! go check her out and worship her adorable feet- she is Miss Foot Model of the year!)and Ludella Hahn (A new girl to me visiting from the East Coast but fun to work with!)  take this Plant Convention SOOOOoooooOOooo seriously. They treat the plants like their babies or something. These nutty nellies needed a spanking to spank them out of their plant trance and stop their protestin’. If I wanna peddle my wares selling my photo ops at ANY convention that is my right. Hey, the Carpet  Convention paid my rent last month and I made a ton sellin’ pics at the Sand Enthusiast Expo (who knew there were so many types of sand?!). So I put Koko and Ludella over my knee and I spank them both for trying to tell me what I can do and I spank them extra hard for being a bunch of weird Wilmas. I even force them to spank eachother to escape my evil grip. I even make one of their precious plants watch while I spank them ruthlessly on their bare booties (how embarrassing for them!!). They end up both spanking me back which kind of sucked because I forgot to change out of my granny’s panties (hey, I was in a rush to make it on time to the Plant Expo).

Here’s some pics and go join to see it all here :






poor innocent Ludella getting spanked hard\

spanked with her prized plant watching



23 Jan

Cheerleader Vs. Volleyball Player

In this episode of SpankingSororityGirls , Sarah Gregory the cheerleader spanks the volleyball player (why, me of course!). Sarah (one of my very favorite spankers- I love her spanking style! pro status) spanks me for losing the game that she just cheered for. Sarah spanks me with her firm hand and with a leather paddle – 21 times for each point I lost by.

Here’s some pics and go join to see the full sexy scene:


23 Jan

Foreign Exchanges

One of the hottest episodes of SpankingSororityGirls is up with Sharon Lee (sexy French Vietnamese girl that visited United States just for school and spankings.. oh yea, and her side job: porn). In this episode, Sharon Lee is a foreign exchange student and is about to find out how we run things at this sorority. It’s a little different then what she is used to back home in France.

I sexually harrass, forcibly kiss and spank foreign exchange student Sharon Lee thinking maybe as a foreign exchange student, she may go for it.  I heard those Europeans are sexually freaky so let’s see! Apparently she knows that it’s against the rules and threatens to get me in trouble so she spanks me to avoid telling the nuns. She even spanks me with the brutal wooden pledge paddle. Here’s some sample pics but make sure to join and see the whole sexy scene:


19 Jan

Milf Mambo

In this episode of GirlSpanksGirl, blonde milf Jennifer Best spanks me for being a bad stepdaughter when I sneak around the house in my skivvies. Jennifer Best also spanks me for not calling her “mommy” after my papi takes her as his bride. I thought only virgins could wear white on their wedding day, shouldn’t lightning strike or something?! Join this site and you will also see me getting spanked over bitchy blonde stepmom Jennifer Best’s knee as her poor annoying stepdaugher Spankerella. Join now to see the full hot episode and check some of the sample pictures here:


7 Jan


In honor of the 20th anniversary (man, TIME SKATES BY! Hard to believe it has already been 20 years since the news of this scandal shook the world over. I think the ice rink may have been made of Nancy’s frozen tears in ’94) of the ice skating championship scandal between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya HArding (’94) the newest episode of SpankingVeronicaworks.com echoes the sentiments of the ice scatting conundrum. Beyond writing run on sentences, I play trailer trashy Tonya Hardspanking. I am sick of wholesome/angelic Nancy Kerrigan played by (2012 Penthouse Pet of the Year)Jenna Rose always winning the gold and I would always come in at 2nd place. After lusting over the trophy (and I do mean lusting– when I returned the trophy back to it’s case before the award ceremony, Nancy had no idea why it was covered in “sweat”) I evened the playing field a bit and “Nancy” comes back to show me how mad she is. Maybe I should have taken up baseball instead because hitting her knee was a homerun for me. For being a little prissy bitch, Nancy has some guns on her because I needed to chip some ice off to numb my sore butt when she was done getting me back! Go check it out here at Spankingveronicaworks.com. Also, check out this silly video with Ron Jeremy, Ashley Rose and Jenna Rose involving ice skating and strippers here.





check out the comedy video here

check out this spanking scene here

11 Dec

Cassie Ramone get spanked instead of sedated

In this episode of SpankedSweeties Cassie Ramone gets spanked by her mom (hot blonde domme Julie Simone) for drinking the devil’s juice (you guessed right! Alcohol!). Sexy brunette Nella Jay, pretty blonde cam model Cassie and I were all hangin’ out like a couple of delinquent Delilahs drankin’. Then just as things are really starting to get fun her mom barged in to discover us and put Cassie right over her knee for a lesson. Nella and I both laughed and made fun of Cassie (true to her real life spanking experience) while she got spanked. Cassie also was forced to stand against the wall with her red bum out and Nella and I snuck in a few spanks before her mom shooed us away. Here’s a few pics of the scene and go join hereto see the full sexy spanktacular scene:


1 Dec

Extra! Extra! This Just in! Whiney White Girl Gets Whacked By Loca Latina

In the newest episode of Spankingveronicaworks.com, I decide I’m going to take the punta plunge and train to become the Cholita of my dreams. I am sick of getting excited reading Lowrider magazines and practicing my best head up lean back stance while brandishing my comb knife whilst practicing folding my bandana repping my hood (My multitasking ability is impressive obviously). It’s time to get out there and show the competing barrio who’s the bo$$ bitch and let these whiny whities know homies not playin! Spicy Latina bad ass Jasmine Mendez posted an ad on Craigslist for “Chola training” and she accepted payment installments (have to save $$ for my hydraulic Impala with Dubs so she really appealed to my thrifty side.. plus she had some solid business reviews on Yelp but I later suspected she probably wrote them herself on alternate accounts to drum up biz). So I met up with Jasmine and that chola rapscallion just spanked me instead– She called me a cultural degenerate or something— a whiny white girl who couldn’t make it in the real barrio! I fell for the oldest trick in the spanking book- the ol’ bait n’ switch! Jasmine spanked me for being a dumb white girl trying to be a chola and made me cry with her heavy hand and sadistic hairbrush hits! As you can tell from the pics I got pretty red and pink on my bum which of course only gave her more white girl fodder to laugh about. Maybe she should take upa side job as a white humiliation specialist– I know some reverse racists that could get into that. Pics from the scene to tempt your senses:    

I’m such a whiny white bitch!! she spanks me while I whine

Why does being white hurt so bad/good? Spankingveronicaworks.com

22 Nov

Just Call Me Mommy Dearest or No Wonder They Call Me MaMa

Lately, I am always blogging about my newest site SpankingVeronicaworks.com but today I’m gonna take some time to blog about some sweet updates on SpankedSweeties, my sister site. Recently we had on Jenna Rose, Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, and she told us about how she was really spanked growing up if you are interested in the titillating truth. For the re-enactment I play Jenna Rose’s newer mother spanking her for trying to escape out of the yard like a bad little girl. Then we do another where Syren De Mer plays Jenna’s mom and spanks Jenna and her bratty friends and relatives all at the same time (I play one of Jenna’s naughty bad influencing friends of course!!). Syren as the milf(I mean mom!!!) spanks Jenna, me and even Kym Jane  with a belt on our bare behinds for being naughty nellies!!!! I protest as I always do brattily but the sweet and remorseful Jenna Rose cries at her punishment. Here’s some pics you can click to make larger and scroll down cuz there is MORE::

Syren De Mer is a mean mommy!!! Jenna Rose, Kym Jane and I get SPANKED

with the belt!!!!

bad girls getting spanked by mommy Syren!

Check this episode out NOW on SpankedSweeties.com and sign up thru me because then I get $$$$. THANKS!

ALSO this is a 2 part blog because there have been so many updates I haven’t blogged about yet— We have my very best friend in the whole wide world hot booby brunette cover of Biker magazine Emily Parker and she is getting interviewed about her real life experiences being spanked growing up. In on re-enactment I play her mom when Emily was just a young girl and I spank sassy Emily for wearing slutty clothes and back talking me and she gets so gosh darn sassy that she spanks me back. You better believe she was in pain from mommy’s firm hand of justice!! Also we have bondage model legend Lorelei Mission playing Emily’s mom when Emily had grown just a little and taught Emily that saying bad words will get you bent over and spanked like a baaaaad girl deserves. Here’s some pics and GO SIGN UP for SPANKEDSWEETIES.com ::

Me in my fanciest house robe and hat playing Emily Parker’s mom
Emily Parker being spanked by her mom Lorelei Mission with a ruler!!! bad girl!!!
young Emily is getting what she deserves over my knee!!!
Lorelei spanking her naughty daughter over the couch for cursing!!


CHECK OUT SPANKEDSWEETIES.com for all the episodes and DELIGHT IN OUR PAIN and jerk off with our tears… I know I will.


31 Oct

Anikka Allbrite’s bum is spanked clean!

There once lived a beautiful big bootied blonde named Anikka Allbrite who’s mother was sick of her not keeping her room clean. Anikka’s mom is sick of Anikka being a sassy, disobedient brat with a thrashed room. I recently became an army recruitment officer and sometimes I do weird gigs on the side to pay for my expensive glass doll collection. Anikka’s mom hired me over to discipline her any way I saw fit until she was obedient.. Spanking is my favorite method of putting young ladies in their place. I spank her nice and heavy on her big luscious booty and pull her blonde ponytails. Anikka realizes what I am doing is illegal and gets me back. Check it out on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com

go check it on spankingveronicaworks.com

11 Oct

Do Re Spank Mi or The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Spankings!!!

In this newest ‘sode of SpankingVeronicaWorks.com I apply to be a singer for Sarah Gregory‘s company. Apparently, I’m no Julie Andrews/Meatloaf(any relevant singer you know of..). I thought just putting on some fancy lounge singer dress and opening my mouth would be enough… They want me to…. ACTUALLY SING? Sing…well?! Umph!! Miss Gregory (well known spanking model! And amazing!!!) is quite mad at me for wasting her precious interviewing time with my nonsense and she spanks the scales right outta me using her business hand/a CANE/and a strap!! Don’t worry about little ol’ me though because I know what’s legal and what’s snot. I pull down Sarah’s business pantyhose and sensible underpants under her professional skirt and give her a real revenge spanking. Spankin’ Sarah takes it rough but doesn’t go down easy- no wonder she made it so far in the professional world. Sarah’s a feisty girl that puts up a good fight and that’s 1 of the reasons I dig her! Go check out the scene here for a strapping good time:


she left marks on my red bottom!!!