28 Sep

Sharon Lee Learns English The Hard Way

In this latest update on SpankingSororityGirls.com Asian French porn star Sharon Lee is a foreign exchange student visiting from France who comes to our American sorority. I am supposed to help Sharon learn some English phrases to get by while she is visiting our sorority. I take her onto the stairheimer and teach her a few English phrases but she isn’t singing The Star Spangled banner as quickly as I hoped. I took advantage of her foreign naivety since I hadn’t touched any sweet boobs in awhile so I groped hers and spanked some English lessons into her. I once read in an online zine that it’s easier to learn if you are being spanked while being taught, so I thought let’s give it a shot.

Sharon gets upset with me because I grope her private lady boobs and she takes me over her knee and spanks me like Marie Antoinette spanked the poverty ridden French people with her careless spending and diabetic recommendations (cake! that bitch!) and like how I spank the English grammar police with my long run on sentences. Clearly, Sharon has seen a few spankings in France because she knew exactly how to “fesse” (French for spank).

Here’s some pictures from our shoot on SpankingSororityGirls



spankingsororitygirls.com : My first site! The OG!

13 Sep

Patriotic Punishment

In this newest episode on SpankingVeronicaworks.com we have an exclusive first time model Raine getting spanked by the army recruitment officer (me). She comes into my office needing some discipline and order spanked into her. Her push up form is bad so I have to teach her how to give proper push ups as well corporal punishment (SPANKINGS!) on her bare behind to let her know that she better get used to taking orders. She has a very tempting physique and cutie face so I do get touchy feely with her hoping she’ll understand that it’s for her country.

I also suspect she’s a communist when she gets sassy with me so I spank her for her commie affiliations and I start to feel a little bad for her so I rub some lotion designs on her. She had a very shiny hiney and I got a little carried away rubbing lotion onto her red booty. I paint right on her bare bum including 1 design that meant peace before Hitler high jacked it for his own brand logo(can you guess which that is?).  Raine realized that it’s not exactly professional protocol for the army recruiter to get so frisky and violent with her so she gets me back spanking me very hard with a wooden implement that left marks. It was in fact the same wooden implement I used on her, how humiliating!! Check it at SpankingVeronicaWorks.com 


3 Sep

Post Shadowlane Spanking Convention!

I just barely got back from the annual Shadowlane Spanking convention (shortly after the Fetish Convention in Florida I just went to.. Wow. that was insane and fun) that happens every summer in Las Vegas. As usual, I shot with a ton of girls that are non-LA locals visiting for the convention including Joelle Barros, Sarah Gregory (one of my favorites- I love her spanking style) and Christie Cutie (she is super adorable in every way and is impressively spankable).  Also, we had a booth at the Shadowlane Vendor fair to promote the all of the CFW sites including SpankingVeronicaWorks.com and we had Christy Cutie as well as Emily Parker (my bestest buddy for 20 years now) those who don’t know) signing  DVD’s , eating snacks and contemplating the nature of existence behind the booth. Here’s some Shadowlane pics if you weren’t there:

Emily Parker gettin wild at the shadowlane vendor fair booth

Emily Parker my spanking shelf

Emily, me, Sarah Gregory and Christy Cutie

we look like the cast of Spanking in the City here (at shadowlane convention) Emily, me, Sarah G, Christy C


On the way to Shadowlane, Jenna Rose (Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012 who is exclusive with us for spanking) shot a few scenes with us road trip style on the way to Vegas. Jenna Rose is amazing for spanking- she has this amazing perky booty from working out and she really likes being spanked (she does not tap out quickly- she takes it like a champ. I love a sexy tough girl).

I loved shooting these because I’m a roadside attraction enthusiast (especially for anything haunted or historical- score!) so getting a chance to stop off and engage in the ghost towns and whatnot makes me very happy! Also, there was an unexpected desert flash flood while we were shooting so you may see some wet hair and rain droplets come and go in these videos.. I love the weirdness of extreme rain in the desert so that was bonus points to the day for me. Here’s some silly pics we took on our desert drive shoot:

at the Peggy Sues’ 50′s diner (where they shot some of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure! COOL man) in Yermo, CA on the way to Vegas with Jenna Rose

I like to pick girls up just to see if I can.. it’s a fetish, maybe. Jenna Rose has some sweet gams as you can tell.


Anywhoodles, I am pretty beat from all this travelling and spanking so I think it’s high time I take a bath and wake up passed out in lukewarm water. My next blog better be better then this one or they are going to send me back to the School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good*! I’ve been travelling a lot this month and preparing for my upcoming concert so I got my mind off the ‘net and into the game. Also, I took a boxing class so prepare to see me get some boxing moves going in my upcoming videos because I’m into it. There’s a good chance my boxing classes are going to make me stronger then I already am too which means I may have to get a weapons permit for my sweet guns soon!

Check out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com (my newest and most favorite site of the CFW network)

P.S. Check out this 5 min goofy sketch starring Clare Fonda(yes, the Clare Fonda!), Tera Patrick, comedians and myself. I wrote it and was in it: silly video

9 Aug

Takin’ The Law Into My Own Hands

In this newest update of SpankingVeronicaWorks.com I come to serve and protect. I am a parole officer who catches these naughty cute teenage girls skippin’ school and funding their bad habits by sellin’ their sweet little tooshies to whoever will buy out there on the mean streets. Someones gotta teach these young ladies a lesson fast!  We don’t need no more episodes of that Teen Mom show stinkin’ up the TV. First I saw little latina cutie Chloe Amour shakin’ her booty suckin’ lollipops like some lil’ lolita with some weird old man flashin’ around some $$$ bills so I grabbed her by the hair and brought her to our corrections facility then I saw her compadre big blue eyes sexpot Lynn Pops was gettin’ a pretty penny for that teen booty poppin’ out of her schoolgirl skirt. Now, call me Vigilante Vicky but I believe in corporal punishment and sometimes you need to give these grown up kids an ass whoopin’ that their poor parents shoulda gave em so they wouldn’t be out here showin’ their goodies to whoever will look. As a pregnant corrections officer, it is my job to see that young girls don’t end up on drugs livin’ in a van down by the river pregnant like me and making crack babies and continuing on the cycle. So I’m here to administer the firm hand of the law and teach these girls some discipline so they will get back into school and get off those dirty streets. This is a really hot episode with lots of good reactions, hard spankings and red booties. I’m gonna guess if these girls do head back out to the streets that those customers are gonna be askin’ for a swift discount with those bruised bottoms they had after I’m done with em. Here’s a few pics but you better go watch this yourself or I’ll have to come find you and discipline you to. See it for yourself here: SpankingVeronicaWorks.com 




Come see these 2 naughty teens cruisin’ for a bruisin’ here Spankingveronicaworks.com

30 Jul

Just Call Me Splint SpankWood cuz This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Our Butts

This new episode on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com has Stevie Rose (known within the spank fetish community) and I gettin’ into a good old fashioned spank off. I run a singing telegram business and this blondie skank Stevie Rose has the audacity to come and whine to me about her job again. Wah, wah, wah… I have to wear some cheerleader outfit and sing a stupid song for some rich assholes who can afford to amuse themselves by hiring some poor offduty stripper with singing aspirations to amuse them at their fancy rich people parties. Stevie should stick to somethin’ else cuz she got a voice for the newspaper biz, if ya know what I mean. Stevie comes in all mad and spanks her boss (me) and sure she gets my bum red and has me screaming but it ain’t nothin like the pain I bring her. I show her such a spankghetti western time that they should call me Splint Spankwood. Look, that was improv, not a preplanned joke so whatever. You win some, you lose some on the fly like that. I let little blonde Stevie know who the boss is and she better not forget it.. those paddle marks and pain won’t let her!  Maybe I should just create a singing SPANKOGRAM service instead, huh? Probably a little more up my alley. ANYWAY HERE’s SOME PICS AND CHECK OUT THE SCENE ON Spankingveronicaworks.com

17 Jul

Bad Boss Beatdown

This week’s update on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com has my good friend Phoenix Askani  as my evil bitchy boss at the office. This is a much more conservative theme then my usual scenes so you office spanking purists out there should be pleased. Phoenix calls me in her office to bitch at me about something or another and I’m sick of it so I put my bossy boss over my knee and spank the bitch out of her. I also made her sniff her own heels and she probably liked it since she’s so conceited. She threatened to fire me and I need that $$$$ so I let her spank me back. She spanked the turtle right out of my neck. I may have stolen her fancy boss lady high heels and spanked her with them too… That’s for me to know and for you to find out!

P.S. Turtlenecks are probably the choicest of shirts for someone with a choking fetish.. cuz it felt like a really weak mime was choking me when I wore it.  Here’s some pics from the scene and watch the rest on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOENIX -AUGUST 7th! I’m gonna give you so many birthday spankings!

7 Jul

Spanked Sugar Cookies

In this new episode uploaded to SpankingVeronicaWorks.com girl scout leader Ryan Keely (Cuban hottie Penthouse Pet babe and newcomer to spanking fetish, by the way) punishes me for eating all of the cookies I baked for the sale. I also came dressed as a boy scout because I’m just a careless bimbo who can’t even dress myself proper so I got extra spanked for that. The pig-tailed Ryan Keely spanks me with a wooden spoon ( the same one I used for stirring the cookie batter!!!) and her discipline dealing hand. I also tie her up at a point and spank her back because I had to see those sweet cinnamon buns hiding under her scout skirt. These cookies are bittersweet!

23 Jun

Schoolgirl Spank Off with Yasmine DeLeon

Just released on SpankingSororitygirls.com we have Yasmine DeLeon. This girl is actually even better looking in person- perfect fit body, beautiful flawless skin and seductive bedroom eyes. In this scene, she was a school girl from a competing school and she came to give me the spankdown of the century that I deserved. She dommed me so hard, she made me get on all fours like a dog and lick my book as well as eat her underwear. Yasmine makes a sexcellent mean schoolgirl and is actually a really good, hard spanker.  I spanked her back in another scene also on the same site so join and see both sides of this schoolgirl spanktacular. Another interesting tidbit about her is she is actually kinky in her real life- I know she loves to be submissive in bondage, etc… BONER SQUAD!. Yasmine also brought her booty to my recent pirate parrrrrty so there’s a pic from that (with other spanking models you may recognize from my sites such as Phoenix Askani and Ryan Keely and my girlfriendy friend Tiffany who is just a hot scientist babe) and some other babes not on my spank sites that came to the pirate ship… So CHECK IT OUT BEFORE I SEND YOU BACK INTO PREHISTORIC TIMES AND YOU CAN ONLY SPANK DINOSAURS!


Also here’s an interview I just did that mentions spanking: http://jacques-mag.com/interview-with-veronica-ricci/ and pictures!

12 Jun

Exercising my right to SPANK YOUR ASSSSSSSssssSSS

One of the first clips from the French EE8(and more shoots) has finally been posted to SpankingVeronicaWorks.com ! In this episode I am a crazed work out teacher who huffed too much aerosol paint and has gone a little mad despite my love for fitness and French culture. 4 unsuspecting beautiful American women visiting France (links to their twitters: KoKo Kitten, Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, Missy Rhodes )find my online ad for a hiking/workout class in the woods of St. Tropez and come to get their workout in. We all meet at the designated spot and I instruct some basic yoga and exercise segments but I force these poor health conscious hotties to spank eachother and show me what I really care about (their fine ass booties- being in France I was hankerin’ for some fine American ham and they quenched my thirst). Some of these work out students start to protest and wonder if what I’m doing is legal. Well, they should have done their research!  Maybe trusting a work out instructor off of a website that people use for casual sex meet ups/ buying used car parts is NOT going to be the most legit place for getting a REAL workout in! I think they got what they deserved and that is SPANKINGS and humiliation! After they all spank eachother even in squat stance confused at what I am having them do, etc. they all hold me down including holding my braid pigtails and spank me until I cry and protest. I was humiliated… I mean what if some French hiker walked up and saw the whole thing happened? We could get arrested or it could just be really embarrassing if they took pictures and laughed at me being spanked in public?!

Here’s some pics and please go sign up for SpankingVeronicaWorks to go see this and more sexy spanking scenes.

These girls don’t know what kind of work out class they are in for!!!

French workouts are very different then American work outs!

Now girls line up and rub eachother’s sore bums!

not my braids! how shameful!

How dare you hold me down and spank me in public!

Off to see the wizard! Hope he doesn’t spank us too!

So go sign up for SpankingVeronicaWorks to see this and many more SCORCHIN’ SPANKING SCENES!

Also, on an unrelated side note- I just got a magazine cover released today 5 monthes after I quit doing porn proper (as most of you know I started out in girl/girl erotic porn prior to spanking)– This cover is on stands now for Cheri magazine and was actually taken in my real kitchen (notice everything is yellow including my barely-there sweater. I was going through my yellow period. ) using whipped cream (I am into new types of whips these days!)… I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say if he came into my kitchen while I was doing that (for those of you that know his Food network show Kitchen nightmares)… Maybe I would have to be spanked for being so naughty in the kitchen— Here’s the cover!

I don’t remember saying that quote! what a naughty nellie I am!


5 Jun

The Fortune Teller’s Revenge

I predict Ashley Graham is going to be in a lot of pain with a red, stinging bottom after I’m through with her. She should have read the fine print then she could have made an informed decision before handing over her money to a psychic and expecting anything more then entertainment. I am an artist not God, for God’s sake. I spanked this hot natural booby petite lady with my firm hand, a hair brush and she squealed like a piggy gettin’ prodded. Oh, and yes, there was also the part where I forced her to take my crystal dildo while spanking her. I foresee that she liked it after all the struggling. Being a psychic isn’t a bad job despite all of the strange hours and whacky people I have to deal with(especially a hot blue eyed porn starlet like Ash Graham). Go watch this new scene at SpankingVeronicaWorks.com  (click on the pics to see the full sized version)  –


Veronica Ricci, the delinquent psychic spanko

Go to SpankingVeronicaWorks NOW and see this and many more hot spanking erotic scenes shot for both of our sick, twisted fantastical delight.