24 May


In this episode, I play a psychic. Miss Ashley Graham walks into my office to test out my crystal balls. I gave her my prediction and I guess it didn’t come true AND she invested a bunch of $$$$MONEY$$$$ so she came back to spank the truth out of me. My  psychic degree can’t save me from Ashley’s wrath- she beats me like a run away slave and violates my booty! I predict you will go check out SpankingVeronicaWorks and join now.


24 May

Asphyxia Noir’s Revenge!!

Asphyxia Noir comes back with a vengeance while I’m resting up in the hospital after our outdoor brawl. Asphyxia tricks the hospital and me pretending to be a nurse when really she is NURSE NAUGHTY!!!! She forces me up from my sleep, dominates me, spanks me and teaches me a lesson. Too bad my gang is out of town taking care of business cuz I need back up right about now!!  Go join SpankingVeronicaWorks now to change your life and spank yourself silly! 


23 May


Just got back from the spankcation in France with Missy Rhodes, Snow Mercy, KoKo Kitten, Nikki Rouge and Buffy Summers. Other then shooting a ton of spanking videos whenever we could, we also trekked around in the rain in St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, St. Raphael and your mom’s house. I saw people carrying baguettes everywhere.. I guess Baguettes really is the official bread of France. Maybe because if you accidentally leave it out to get stale and hard it makes a good spanking stick.

We even did a hike and filmed a spanktacular scene up there- one of them I am a crazy workout teacher who spanks the students. Just playin’ myself again of course!
Check out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com for moooooore French updates..

Ladies of the spanking France workout scene- Snow, Missy, me, Nikki and KOKO!


twerkin’ at work


Bukowski once said this about spanking.

22 Apr

Gang Wars with Asphyxia Noir


Check out the newest episode of SpankingVeronicaWorks.com  with Assphyxia Noir. We fought outside and I knocked her out, while she’s weak and vulnerable I take advantage of her in the hospital. This tough girl Asphyxia Noir thinks she had the Ginger gang beat but I will show her and her whole gang who’s really the boss. Check out this hot new scene now!

18 Apr

Post Birthday Spank

Hey all,

So if you follow my twitter/instagram/vine accounts (geez… so much social networking sites out there these days..) then you know I had a “trailer trash themed” birthday party and orchestrated sort of a “dinner theater” type show where actor friends of mine were in on being my “insane uncle” or “disgruntled landlord who I owe money” and “meth head cousin”, etc.. It was a fun time. I spanked Phoenix Askani after she attempted to steal my boom box (presumably to sell for meth) and we wrassled down to the ground fighting over my stereo while my crazy hillbilly uncle tried to break it up unsuccessfully. Some say the brawl was “exotic” or kinky. Anywho, I didn’t really get spanked on my birthday because a friend brought some kids (wasn’t expecting that) and had to keep it kosher somewhat.

Here’s some pics and a post bday video where I spank Miss Emily Parker (my BFF and spankee)

Also check out new scenes on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com


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14 Apr

Tomorrow is my day of birth!

So I need some birthday spankings… If you wanna make me happy on my birthday then sign up for SpankingVeronicaWorks.com !

3 Apr

check out new episode on GirlSpanksGirl.com

Spanking with Syren De Mer as mean mommy and Kay Richards as my buddy helping me spank mean mommy for giving us undue punishment!! TAKE THAT MOMMY DEAREST!!! JOIN AND WATCH HERE


19 Mar

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….For the newest episode which features Lexi Belle spanking me for being a bad co-worker at Fantasy Land. What a self-righteous Sally she is forcing me over her knee to be spanked in full Fantasy Land theme park mermaid costume and at work! How humiliating! She may get spanked back, of course. There is girl/girl erotica in this as well as face slapping!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!!! SpankingVeronicaWorks.com

SpankingVeronicaWorks.com episode 8!!

2 Mar

New post on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com Y’all!!

I am at it spanking bad girls again and gettin’ spanked like the dirty debutante that I am…
The newest episode released shows me in SWAT uniform coming to spank the naughty out of saucy camgirl/fetish model Cassie Ramone. This young cute slender blondie Cassie had it comin’ with her sassmouth and bad girl tendencies so gets spanked like the naughty little nancypants that she is and even gets pegged with my strap-on in this scene too to REALLY show her WHO’S THE BOSS NOW! Although it looks like she may have liked being boinked by my plastic weiner a little at some points!

What a deserving Debbie she is!! Cassie realizes this is uncouth and turns on me spanking the SWAT out of me too! Geez Louise!!!!! Here’s a pic of me in SWAT uniform about to teach blonde Cassie a lesson and the other pictures are just gratuitous shots of my booty for you bumlovers out there (including brunette me from my early Penthouse days in the middle of the 2 girls) CHECK SPANKINGVERONICAWORKS.com/tour.html



14 Feb

Backwoods Booty Beating

I have officially gone through several jobs now. My newest job on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com is being a trail guide in California. Frequently, we get spoiled rich kids who come to the camping site and stay at their own private cabin mansions. These people are entitled and I’m sick and tired of them bitching to me about the bugs, weather and how hard it is to hike. I finally get fed up and take it out on Ashley Rose who realizes that it’s illegal for her hired trail guide to spank her. Ashley is so humiliated by me using logs and found natural implements to spank her as well as hard spankings with my hand. She screams in pain and kicks her legs and it’s hard to contain her while she sasses me. Anyone including one of her friends could have walked up on the trail and seen her getting spanked over my knee so she had to get me back for this. She is so embarrassed and mad at me because she is way too old and rich to be spanked. She gets her damn revenge on me, I’ll tell you what!!

This is some backwoods SPANKIN’ check it out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com and join for bonus material and tons of footage of me with hot porn stars such as Emily Parker, Lexi Belle, Yasmine DeLeon, Ryan Keely, Missy Martinez, and many more. Also I put some bunus(see what I did there) ass pics at the bottom. Check out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com….

Leave comments and suggestions for what you want to see on the site! Are there any girls in particular you are dying to see on the site? Are there any specific situations you want to see? I realize I usually go off on my own ideas and maybe it’s time I take more suggestions for the site. If it’s possible, I will try to work in your ideas because I am a submissive dominant… ;) SpankingVeronicaWorks.com Also there’s a sample video of some of the scenes here: Intro Video