14 Apr

Tomorrow is my day of birth!

So I need some birthday spankings… If you wanna make me happy on my birthday then sign up for SpankingVeronicaWorks.com !

3 Apr

check out new episode on GirlSpanksGirl.com

Spanking with Syren De Mer as mean mommy and Kay Richards as my buddy helping me spank mean mommy for giving us undue punishment!! TAKE THAT MOMMY DEAREST!!! JOIN AND WATCH HERE


19 Mar

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….For the newest episode which features Lexi Belle spanking me for being a bad co-worker at Fantasy Land. What a self-righteous Sally she is forcing me over her knee to be spanked in full Fantasy Land theme park mermaid costume and at work! How humiliating! She may get spanked back, of course. There is girl/girl erotica in this as well as face slapping!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!!! SpankingVeronicaWorks.com

SpankingVeronicaWorks.com episode 8!!

2 Mar

New post on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com Y’all!!

I am at it spanking bad girls again and gettin’ spanked like the dirty debutante that I am…
The newest episode released shows me in SWAT uniform coming to spank the naughty out of saucy camgirl/fetish model Cassie Ramone. This young cute slender blondie Cassie had it comin’ with her sassmouth and bad girl tendencies so gets spanked like the naughty little nancypants that she is and even gets pegged with my strap-on in this scene too to REALLY show her WHO’S THE BOSS NOW! Although it looks like she may have liked being boinked by my plastic weiner a little at some points!

What a deserving Debbie she is!! Cassie realizes this is uncouth and turns on me spanking the SWAT out of me too! Geez Louise!!!!! Here’s a pic of me in SWAT uniform about to teach blonde Cassie a lesson and the other pictures are just gratuitous shots of my booty for you bumlovers out there (including brunette me from my early Penthouse days in the middle of the 2 girls) CHECK SPANKINGVERONICAWORKS.com/tour.html



14 Feb

Backwoods Booty Beating

I have officially gone through several jobs now. My newest job on SpankingVeronicaWorks.com is being a trail guide in California. Frequently, we get spoiled rich kids who come to the camping site and stay at their own private cabin mansions. These people are entitled and I’m sick and tired of them bitching to me about the bugs, weather and how hard it is to hike. I finally get fed up and take it out on Ashley Rose who realizes that it’s illegal for her hired trail guide to spank her. Ashley is so humiliated by me using logs and found natural implements to spank her as well as hard spankings with my hand. She screams in pain and kicks her legs and it’s hard to contain her while she sasses me. Anyone including one of her friends could have walked up on the trail and seen her getting spanked over my knee so she had to get me back for this. She is so embarrassed and mad at me because she is way too old and rich to be spanked. She gets her damn revenge on me, I’ll tell you what!!

This is some backwoods SPANKIN’ check it out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com and join for bonus material and tons of footage of me with hot porn stars such as Emily Parker, Lexi Belle, Yasmine DeLeon, Ryan Keely, Missy Martinez, and many more. Also I put some bunus(see what I did there) ass pics at the bottom. Check out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com….

Leave comments and suggestions for what you want to see on the site! Are there any girls in particular you are dying to see on the site? Are there any specific situations you want to see? I realize I usually go off on my own ideas and maybe it’s time I take more suggestions for the site. If it’s possible, I will try to work in your ideas because I am a submissive dominant… ;) SpankingVeronicaWorks.com Also there’s a sample video of some of the scenes here: Intro Video



5 Feb

AVN expo spanking from Syren De Mer!

I have been super busy working on a script lately and blah paper work stuff so I am TAPPED OUT for my blogs lately. I’m sure ya’ll won’t mind me bein’ a little less verbose and gettin’ right to some hot spanking action for you! Go sign up at SpankingVeronicaWorks.com for the hottest new spanking stuff out there with mondo babes like Lexi Belle and Missy Martinez who spanked me like crazy. I guarantee you the scenes they did for our site were a first of their kind for all of these babes– bananas, hard spankings for you pain fetishists, sexy unmentionables and booty play! Now time for me to get outta here and back to my side job cookin’ bacon naked dodgin’ the sizzly bits! XoXXX0_o

Check this really short video of Syren De Mer spanking me at the 2013 AVN expo with my good gingerbuddy Phoenix Askani holding the cam: CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!!

29 Jan


Check out SpankingVeronicaWorks.com and sign up for many new hot scenes including this one with hot pornstar Asphyxia Noir. She breaks a hard plastic clipboard on my ass in this scene during the spanking. Asphyxia takes hard spankings and really brings it and she spanks me hard aswell as “takes my temperature”. What a crazy nurse she is.

17 Jan

New Mafia Video with Yasmine DeLeon and Emily Parker Coming Monday

Check out my newly released site SpankingVeronicaWorks.com on Monday for this hot new mafia scene with Yasmine DeLeon (our first sexy half black/ half Phillipina model- twitter.com/kinkyYasmineXXX) and Emily Parker (my best friend in real life and a very sexy laaaaady Twitter.com/EmilyParkerXXX ). Emily Parker and I are associates in the mafia and she brings her little sexy tramp of a girlfriend around whom I suspect is a snitch for the other mob. So I put them both to the test to see if they are dirty rats. I spank Emily’s precious girlfriend right in front of her and force her to join in to make her prove that she isn’t an informant. Then I spank Emily to see if she’s up to no good and get her to talk. Of course, the tables turn and it’s coup d’tat up in this bitch in no time so my gangster ass gets the tommy gun treatment by these 2 exotic beauties.  Check it out here

Check it here: SpankingVeronicaWorks

3 Jan

Jizzin’ Jezebels Jaunting in January

Be one of the first to see my new concept site which shows my journey trying to seek gainful employment in this rough economy. Some of the jobs you can expect me to be hired and/or fired from include working at a theme park, the military, flying the friendly skies as a pilot, waitressing at a sexy restaurant, being a psychiatrist, babysitting and much more. Catch me if you can!  Watch how I forget the company policy/dress code and get spanked for it or punish my boss, etc.

You will see more erotic sexy things happening in addition to hard spankings that will leave me and most of the girls with a red, sore bum. You can expect high caliber models such as Ryan Keely, Lexi Belle, Emily Parker, Anikka Allbrite, Christy Cutie, Jaime Lynn (Penthouse Pet of the Year 2007), Yasmine Deleon, beautiful blondie Ashley Rose as well as many more girls that never usually delve into hardcore spanking fetish. We have the hot white girls, latinas, Asians and sexy black girls gettin’ spanked because we like rainbows. You can ALSO expect plenty of content on this new site including some free bonus content from our other sites– don’t worry this waterin’ hole is ready for swimmin’ if ya know what I mean! Also, the houses in the background of these images are 90% not mine (my house ain’t no episode of hoarders) so you best believe that whomever owned the houses we used as a set got a MAJOR spanking for being such a messy mooner.

Check out my naughty co-workers and I getting spanked on the job and find out why we got in trouble at work this time here.

Sizzling Samples:

Anikka Allbrite’s famous blonde ass getting spanked hard



20 Dec

Spankings Make Superb Stocking Stuffers

The holidays can be a turbulent time. The stress of decorating to make sure everyone is aware of your dedication to Christmas, maintaining a festive spirit throughout the month, buying guilt gifts for family members that you think deserve a spanking instead, baking enough fruit cake to satiate the cuckoo cousin who has a pattern of squatting down behind the table as if he were back in the war dodging enemy bullets in the bunker whilst bogarting the fruit cake as a protective shield from the rest of the dinner table. These Christmas catastrophes all collide into a lesson these spanked red, sore bottoms will not forget before New Years!  Santa (little known fact: Santa is an exiled English teacher from Grammar Island that tries to inflict his barbaric “grammar culture” on our people. Christmas commie if you ask me.) might even spank me for writing such an awful run-on sentence so excuse me if this is a quick blog entry as I will have to quickly relocate to a tall mountain where those smug yet size challenged elves cannot reach me in an attempt to drag me down for discipline. Suck it elves, you smell like reindeer poop and everyone’s sick of your elvish squeals! Speak human already and lay off the egg nog, you little winter weiners! We have had enough of this holiday hogwash! We are fed up with this Christmas chaos!

I apologize for getting carried away in a wave of elf emotion and reindeer rage rants, so let’s get back to the real point here! As legend has it, if Santa cannot slide down the chimney and spank a little Christmas spirit into the naughty ninnies himself then he hands over the reins of authority to the elder of the family. The elder of the family sometimes has plenty of pent up annoyance from enduring the ill-mannered, lazy, uncouth youth of today. These elders are supposed to spank some sense into these worrisome whippersnappers before they are too far gone to the dark side. In this scene the eldest of our home gives me an ol’ fashioned spanking that rivals the strong stiff hand of Santa. I did deserve this spanking since my behavior was certainly not up to Christmas code but I do think they were a little brutal on my bum. This is the unspoken secret Christmas tradition to remind misbehaving kids to repent or reap the wrath of Santa’s Spank!! In this spankisode I am reliving a painful Christmas memory that started with my friend KoKo and I daintily decorating the family tree before we got in to trouble for being disrespectful daughters. I can still feel the lingering pain of each hard spank to my ginger butt and the searing embarrassment of being spanked in front of my bratty buddy. KoKo enjoyed seeing me disciplined in this one a little too much so you better believe she will get what’s coming to her! MERRY SPANKMAS EVERYBODY AND TO ALL A SPANK NIGHT!

If you would like to check out this long spanking epic, please join Spanking Sorority Girls or the 5 site special.  Could be your Christmas present to me if you join through my links to the site from my blog.


Here’s a bonus random non-Christmas spanking sample for all of you rebels that celebrate somethin’ else time time of year.  I hope I recall all of the other winter holidays and I will probably be spanked if I happen to forget any in my holiday haze.. Here goes: Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Chanukah, Merry Mancini Day(for those diehard Mancini fans), Merry Manilow Day(For the jilted Manilow fans that got kicked out of the Mancini Day parties and had to jump ship), Happy Festivus for the rest of us and Happy Eloping Elves day (the one day a year elves are allowed to elope on the planet earth without being arrested). Here’s your alternative holiday treat. It is served best with a dash whackskey (excuse the dumb typo: I meant to say whiskey):