15 Nov

New site coming soon!

A new !!surprise!! site is coming soon (hopefully by the end of January 2013).  SpankingSororityGirls and the other sites will of course still be kept up but this new one will make you spank yourself with delight when it comes out because it’s gonna be GOOD. Hot babes, sensual spankings and aggressive sexy domination and submission with unique scenarios.
Here’s a few sneak peek pics: (includes Jamie Lynn, Christy Cutie, Kimmy Olson, Anikka Albrite, Daphnie Sugar Rose, Ryan Keely and me).

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Maid Kimmy Olson Gets Spanked

Anikka Albrite Meets Top Gun General

Ryan Keely Plays Cowgirls & Indians


31 Oct

Go check out the new Halloween episode on SpankingSororityGirls

Mistress Crystal, who works at the Dominion, plays my mom again for this one.  As you can see from the photos, this lady can deliver a super hard spanking!!!  She is a very stern mom.  So as Steve Brule would say Chhhhheck it out at Spanking Sorority Girls

Over mom's knee again

Trick or Treat?

19 Oct

Camping at Mount Spankington!

I just got back today from our 2 night camping/hiking trip with my friend and spanking model Ashley Rose and it was a great time! I don’t know about all of them but I had a ton of fun. We went out to eat at really delicious woodsy restaurants, stayed at a huge beautiful cabin with great views, went hiking and shot over 13 fun scenes including some while hiking in the woods! One of the scenes that is coming out the soonest will be at the erotic section of GirlSpanksGirl next Wednesday Oct 24th and it is 100% my idea and ad-libbed by me so you know it is sick and twisted and a major boner thriller since it’s video/photographed by the best spankproducer and one of my bestest friends in the universe (SpankingView.com).

This scene is featuring Ashley Rose and I on a “Cookie Scout” field trip. I am “asleep” on the top bunk at our scout cabin and I spy on younger brownie scout Ashley Rose sleeping in the bunk below me. Of course, being the perv scout that I am I wake her up by playing around with her and she tries to fight me.  I tell her if she wants to advance to my level- a real cookie scout that she has to let me check to make sure she isn’t stealing cookies in her nooks and crannies (I have to check by using a strap-on on her) also I have her suck my strap on to make sure she can fulfill her eventual duties to the man scouts when she gets to that level. Of COURSE there is spanking in it as well but this is a more erotic spanking video then the usual since Ashley brought up the idea of me using a strap-on on her when her and I were taking a bubble bath together (that’s behind the scenes though). I think she will make a fine cookie scout and eventually a fine woman scout if she continues practicing her man scout pleasing practices. It’s all a gradual learning process around here! She was also spanked to teach young Ashley the importance of discipline in the scouts and the team spirit of course.

Please sign up for GirlSpanksGirl through my blog and let me know if you do and I will send you a surprise thank you gift! Here’s some pics from these last few days’ shoots:




church of spanking in the woods!


wood whackers!


behind the cabin scenes!

I may have been a naughty PB bunny on this trip and got spanked for it!

hey look- it's sailor MOON!


7 Oct

Ryan Keely first time spanking about to come out!

I took Ryan Keely’s on camera spanking virginity last week and this particular scene will be posted on Monday at SpankedCallGirls and is the only place you can see this saucy lady get down in spank town. Ryan Keely is a sexy brunette Cuban with a body that will make you lose your flippin’ mind! Pack a change of underwear for this wild ride because she not only is a mad scientist conducting experiments on poor call girls but she also has some kinky fetishes in this film! Ryan is a Penthouse Pet and Girl/Girl porn performer who has her own comic/videogame podcast that you can find if you click here.

Here’s some pics from our SpankedCallGirls shoot that has a surprising kinky twist (actually 2 kinky twists;):

How Dare Ryan dupe me! This slutty scientist seems to like it though..

I can't hide from Ryan.. not even behind her "world on a stick thing"

Muff said!

Ryan is into some weird stuff in this video...spanking and some anal play... I did not sign up for this!!! not on purpose anyway..

So go sign up to see Ryan Keely’s first spankings on film here!!

2 Oct

Guyspeed interview aboout spanking

Spanking Interview ….Did I mention I love to teach girls how to spank my style? ;P

28 Sep


After getting back from a 6 day hiking/rock climbing/outdoor adventure trip with my sister in Sedona/FlagStaff/Grand Canyon,AZ; It is time for a NEW blog! I just did an interview relating to spanking for GuySpeed.com hooked up through my boy twitter.com/chrisilluminati who has written a great book(s). Also, I went to a Comedy Store Fleshlight Naughty Show event lastnight in Hollywood and scouted a few HOT BABES for spanking shoots in the near future (pics included from lastnight’s event of course).

Also there are TONS of new scenes coming out on ALL sites as we have shot a ton and have a few upcoming big scenes we are about to shoot including a campsite related scene in a cabin as well as a BIG scene involving famous dominatrix Snow Mercy and KoKo in France for a huge school girl shoot this spring (I am not supposed to announce this just yet so it’s a secret…. shh! I am hoping if I announce it- it will 100% happen because I have luck with this method of throwing things into the universe and them happening positively thus far). If it does not happen- well, I’ll let you know but details are to come on that one. Now on to the good stuff- PICTURES and SPANKINGS!! Also, check the recent Missy Martinez shoot.

Sign up for ze spankings baby! I want to bend you over my knee and spank your bottom for being VERY BAD!

(from recent Native American spanking scene with gorgeous red carpet host at the Fleshlight NAughty Show event MISSY MARTINEZ )


Missy Martinez over my knee getting spanked for her WHITE SINS! she is the true Native who will show me who is boss SOON

Anastasia Pierce spanking me at Comikaze last weekend

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CHECK MY TUMBLR JUICYGINGER.TUMBLR.COM for pics from lastnight’s NAUGHTY SHOW at the Comedy Store with SEXY AS FUCK @MissyXMartinez hosting the red carpet like a champ!

We are also shooting Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely October 2nd for a special ed(ition) SPANKTACULAR event with details to come to not spoil the surprise completely!!!

22 Sep

Gia Steel Appears In Her First Spanking Shoot

Gia discovers she's a good spanker

NOTE: Click on the photos to view them full size.

I keep breaking in new spanking models.  This time it is adult star Gia Steel, who has a nice round ass.  But in this scene, Gia spanks me (I did spank her and got her very speckled, but you will have to wait a little while to see that episode).  For the Spanking Sorority Girls site Gia plays my best friend, Becky, whose mother decided to send her to a tough private school because it worked so well on me.  Of course Becky is not happy about this.

Bff's grope, right?

When she visits my sorority house, I tell her all about the spankings that go on, and of course I can’t keep my hands off her.  So she decides to teach me a lesson and spanks me.  We did the traditional over the knee position, then we tried the wheel barrel position which you will have to see in the scene.

The dreaded paddle

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15 Sep

it’s a Pow OW!

Recently shot a scene with the hot tan, long legged, big breasted pornstar Missy Martinez and it was her first real spanking scene! The scene I directed the most this time was me as a delusional ginger who thinks she’s a Native American that must spank the whites for their crimes against our kind. Poor Missy stumbles on me smoking my peace pipe, I offer her some and date rape spank her!! This is a great scene that uses racial talk, humiliation, costumery, outdoors and indoors, paddles and implements as well as hand, various positions and even nipple clamps.  It will be released this Sunday on GirlSpanksGirl in the erotic spank section. Here’s a few teaser pics and click on them to make them bigger!! ::

poor poor Missy is passed out from the peace pipe.. rude awakening time!!!

Maybe I got overpowered :P

"Would you like to try some of my peace pipe, young white girl?"

"I must spank you for taking my people's land"

Bad white girls deserve punishment

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Fan Sign example --- I can put personal messages like "Spank me here, Principal Miller!"


Also read the blogs below this because I have updated a lot in the past few days AND edited 2 of the blogs to include MORE pics! FUCK YES! SPANK THE SKITTLES OUT OF ME!

14 Sep


Guess what guys? I actually did something kinda COOOOOOOL lastnight out in the public of Hollywood.

I went to a Hollywood fetish party aptly called GloryHole lastnight (hosted at the Pleasure Chest toy shop) and saw a bunch of spanking hotties like Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge and KoKo ( they were there promoting their dungeon The Dominion in LA- go check it out if you wanna get disciplined by those hotties in person!) Guess who was ALSO at this sexy shindig? A few new spank girls like Ryan Keely (hot curvy brunette Penthouse Pet in the leopard print dress with glasses!) who is doing her FIRST spanking scenes with us in the next few weeks (so join up and look out for those upcoming scenes because it’s already in the works!!) and Penthouse Pet of the Year 2000 somethin’(sorry I can’t remember but she is insanely hot and you probably saw her on Howard Stern) Heather Vandeven .. . Here’s a few of the pics from this party lastnight where I even got spanked by KoKo at her spanking booth in a cat mask– and fuck me it felt good—I have a certain spanking style that actually gets me off and she knows it ;)!! ME-OWWWW! Join to see these spanking models such as Mistress Snow, KoKo and more getting their SPANK ON!

Look at all of us at the fetish party-- ya got Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, KoKo and MORE!

Heather Vandeven Pet of The Year, yours truly and RYAN KEELY

KoKo spankin' me in my red panties that will soon be for sale on gingerLynn's auction site!!!

Fun Factory (the owner is a cool dude) REPRESENT at GloryHole! and some chix playin' twister

KoKo the switch from the Dominion n' I goin coocoo for cocopuffs

Ryan Keely, her friend, a pink haired lady and I having a grand ol time

KoKo is a little vixen who likes to spank me in a cat mask!!!

Sex left the building??!?

Another Fun Factory promo twistery thing but hey! look There's Nina Hartley in the background text messaging!! cooolio

13 Sep

Spanking Interview on Video (includes self spanking)

Spanking interview I did– some pretty funny material in here with me spanking myself in a captain hat and acting like a silly pants! I tend to get nervous at interviews when they ask questions about myself. It’s a funny thing- I love acting, I can get naked because that feels natural and I can do something for a purpose but put me on the spot and ask me questions about myself and I clam up because I am naturally very silly but shy. I am slowly getting better at interviews though- yay!


Here’s another recent interview with video where I talk about spanking in some of it:

Radio Interview on TribLive Radio in Pittsburgh, PA August 2012

I was half asleep promoting a Pittsburgh August feature gig so don’t judge.. or judge. whatever. psh. :-)


Thanks duderonis for givin’ a spank about lil’ ol ginger me! I will keep trying to please you and keep you coming back for more because I WANT YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE. I AM A SPANK SLUT 2000… (That would be my robo-spank-slut name)… also as usual– JOIN my site here through my blog! XXXXXX