11 Sep

Time flies

ShadowLane (the spanking convention in Vegas) was a great success and it has already been over a week since it ended! We already had another shoot with newbie to spanking Missy Martinez (she’s a sexy Latina porn star and tons of fun!) and let’s just say it involved some racial stereotypes and of course some delusional madness; all of which called for spankings!


ShaaaadowLane… That was fun. I remember waking up in bed at about 8am hearing sounds of whacks coming from some nearby hotel room– some started early! The dinner was a lot of fun– took a ton of pictures with one of my favorite spankos Sarah Gregory and some others and we did a lil’ dancin and eating of cake (feeding my booty for more spankings!).

Here are some pics from the Vegas trip to Shadowlane:

Can you recognize most of these other spanking models? :P

Jenni Mack, Sarah Gregory and I gettin spanked for the cake!


Will get the bigger versions of these pics asap! but u get the idea!

New scenes from Shadowlane and after coming your way ASAP so join up through this blog to catch em all! ;P and leave me some comments puhleeze!

2 Sep

Blogging live from ShadowLane the legendary Vegas Spank Convention!!

I have a some news to announce so hold on to the edge of your seats especially if you have a sore bottom from being spanked already!

So first of all, I am here blogging from the legendary (in Spank World) Shadow Lane Spanking Convention in Las Vegas. Whew, after a month with not 1 day off between shooting for the insanely long but fun Playboy “Lawless” advertorial shoot , finishing up yoga instructor class, Penthouse, Ken Marcus bondage, Babes.com, horror film Lizzie Borden, feature dancing in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend before (if you keep up with my twitter you are already aware from all the pics/tweets how relentless my schedule has been) I was about ready to PASS OUT from exhaustion after deboarding my flight home from Pittsburgh and jump in the car with famous cutie spank model Kat St. James to Vegas and even shoot our planned midway Vegas shoot where she officially LEAVES the spanking business for realsies (sorry to disappoint her fans!). Well, after resting up and missing my Exotic Dancer convention I had planned on hitting while in Vegas upon my arrival (I NEEDED that recouping time) I am back to feelin’ ace and here we are at this hotel/casino that allows ShadowLane to let us embark on our spanko convention. All of the attendees are assigned to stay on 2 floors designated for spankos, so it’s interesting to wait at the elevator on your floor and KNOW the person standing next to you is here for spanking reasons as well.. Lastnight was the Vendor’s Fair in the Spank Con show room where we sold our DVDs for our site in person and promoted amongst the other vendors. We also had great shoots with famous bicoastal spanking models such as Ten Amorette (I LOVE her feisty and quick-witted but very REAL personality), the new-to-me but not spankworld nun for our shoot Alex Reynolds, beautiful tall thin newbie Heather Green, my favorite erotic spanker Sarah Gregory , the excellent hard spanker and nun Miss Chris , and the lovely demure Jenni Mack so it has been a VERY successful ShadowLane convention thus far and we are not even finished! Of course I miss having my sweet and hilarious Clare Fonda at this event since she is the first person who brought me here and she is VERY missed, that has to be mentioned! So after that mouthful, there is even MORE news.

I was informed that I would be asked to shoot by other companies once we got to Shadow Lane and of course my boss was right so I was formally asked to go under contract and be exclusive to our sites. Of course I accepted so I am MARRIED to SpankingVeronica.Com and all of the sites on our network that I inherited from my business merger with the Fonda Network. I will get some kind of paddle promise ring to commemorate our official spank sanction!

Last but not least: My directorial debut for Spanked Call Girls has finally arrived! My little spanking brain baby is born to the world and it included so many great things I love such as fruit hats, skanky clothing, pinatas, pikachu, birthday parties, PADDLE and hand spanking, hard group spanking with lined up butts, LOTION and OIL shiney hiney spankings and strange positions such as the “wheel barrel” as well! Here are some pics and PLEASE be sure to check it out- it also debuts a few new hotties to our site such as new-to-spanking blonde adorable pornstar Aaliyah Love ….  CHECK THIS NEW SCENE OUT HERE AND SIGN UP THROUGH MY BLOG PLEASE: SPANKEDCALLGIRLS !! Keep checking in because I’ll be updating about the aftermath of ShadowLane and posting pics from being here as well and some just running around Vegas being a whackadoodle in between sets/convention stuff! :P

me topping with lotion booty on newbie Ashley Rose!


I guess I have it coming!

I really deserved this!!

Sneak Peek of what it's like at the Vegas Shadowlane Spank con with beautiful Sarah Gregory and I !! :P

Sarah Gregory, moi, Jenni Mack @ ze Spank Con dinner! :P

27 Aug

I Popped Lilly Banks Spanking Cherry

Lilly Banks said she was never spanked before.  Ever.  Not even a birthday spanking.  So I got to give her her first spanking ever.

It is running now on Spanking Sorority Girls.  Check it out.  Her reactions are real and she even had to cut a few times because I was spanking her too hard.  I’m such a bully!  A naked bully.

24 Aug

Breaking News on Clare Fonda

Just about ready to do my first feature dance at the Blush Cabaret in Pittsburgh tonight when I hear that my good friend Clare Fonda will be doing sessions this weekend at the Sanctuary LAX, located in Los Angeles near the airport.  If you are on the East Coast, please come see me dance this weekend.  If you are on the West Coast, schedule a spanking session with Clare (check out their info from their site and ask to see Jamie – the name Clare is using for sessions).

As you can see from the photo below, Clare can spank really, really hard and she likes to get spanked, too.  The photo was taken last year when we shot while at the Shadow Lane spanking convention in Las Vegas.  I’m going to be there this year, too, but not with Clare.  So this is your chance to see her!

22 Aug

Quick update!!

I will be feature dancing at Blush Cabaret ( http://blushExotic.com ) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week!! You can see me live August 23-25th and yes, if you are a spanking fan let me know!! Thank ya’ll for reading and leave comments please!

17 Aug

New spanking scenes about to be released

Yesterday was a lot of fun for me because I was allowed to prop/somewhat style and direct 1 of our shoots which will be released on Spanked Call Girls site (which of course you can sign up for the 5 site pack and get that as well as all the others!). Look for it to debut on the site Monday August 27.  I am sooo grateful I was allowed to let my mind go and let it all play out– that’s why I LOOOVE being involved in this crazy world of spankings! It’s erotic, fun and makes for great fodder at a tea party. Thank ya’ll for letting me put my crazy pants on and take them off to commence the spankings. Enough with the worldwide web ass kissing– I’m not winning any awards for this so back to talkin’ about these exciting scenes!

We had a few new girls such as Ashley Rose, a few returnees like Madison Martin and her new redhead friend Scarlet, also new to us but well established girl/girl blonde pornstar Aaliyah Love. There was a type for everyone in there- you have a small cute bubbly blonde Aaliyah, me (a crazy redhead that transcends proper definition methinks), a Suicide Girl redhead with intricate tattoos (Scarlet), an amazon woman big booty enthusiastic blonde with big boobs (Ashley Rose- who just loooooooves spanking and flirting and can take a hard one FYI) and  established My Spanking Roomate site  brunette with booty Madison Martin. So, we had a birthday party for Madison as Madame Snow forced us (she is trying to boost the morale at the “office”  or in our case orifice I imagine). I went out to get a pinata for the celebration and filled it with something I knew would piss Madison off and I was being quite the crazy bitch “off of her meds” at this poor girl’s birthday party.. I mean TIME WAS A WASTIN’ Let’s get this party started and over with already so we can get back to work!!

I also busted out the ol’ digital camera to take pics of everyone taking their swings so we will have plenty of booty shots and girls in slutty dress pics from this scene- more photos then usual for all of these sets yesterday actually! Of course, I had to be taught a lesson and so did everyone else. Why exactly we end up all getting spanked is something you will just have to watch and see but I think for being mostly improv(no actual script) it was pretty hilarious and we all played off of each other and of course it ends in sexually exciting spankings in variety of positions/with and without implements/all girls end spanked with all of their different reactions and butt types.

Also, I took advantage of my recent weight training and pretty much bench pressed Aaliyah Love and if you think she didn’t get spanked while she was completely out of control lifted into the air by me- that would be just a waste ofa good midair booty! OF COURSE I forced her to endure spankings while I cradled her in my arms like a baby! This was a nice long spanking scene with all 5 of us girls from this birthday party so get ready! That was a spanktacular birthday if I do say so myself (and I do!)!

We also shot a few scenes for our other sites of course! Shot some new scenes for the SpankedSororityGirls site in our favorite schoolgirlesque outfits with rival schoolgirls Ashley Rose and Aaliyah Love where we take turns lifting her and spanking her (this will be an excellent video as well and will be the first to let you know when it’s out on the site), me as “The Temp” again which of course I always mess up on the job because insanity doesn’t always breed good work ethic,  and a few other great clips.  Here’s some sneak peek Behind The Scenes exclusive pics straight from my cellular phone camera:


4 Aug

New Stuff on Three Spanking Sites Now

Been crazy busy doing extensive yoga training.  But checking in with where you can find my new spanking scenes currently up on these sites.

I have been blogging about this one for a while, but Episode 11 is finally up on my Spanking Sorority Girls site.  A nun (Katie Jordin) spanks and paddles me.  I try to corrupt her with a little girl/girl action.

On Spanked Call Girls there is a comical scene in which I play a hooker whose client (Betsy) didn’t know she had to pay.  She has no money, so of course I spank her hard.  Even use a hair brush.  But then she finds some money and decides to spank me.  A spanking for money?  Why not?

In Exclusive Education 7, I make my first appearance walking across campus and then into the classroom to tell teacher Snow Mercy that Principal Miller wants to see her right away.  I also filmed the interviews and ran third camera during the schoolgirl spanking scenes in the classroom.  And the photo at the top shows me and Phoenix being a little naughty on set.  This epic is running on Girl Spanks Girl.

Finally, I spanked Lily Banks for Hot Girls Spanked, which is a clips store.  I was a spoiled rich girl and she was making fun of me for getting spanked by my French Tutor.  I had no choice but to spank my poor trailer trash cousin, after groping her boobs a bit first.

Guess I have been busy spanking and getting spanked, too.

26 Jul

Big Schoolgirl Video Coming Soon!

Interview Sample Video ee7

I just helped film a big schoolgirl video that will be appearing soon on the Girl Spanks Girl site.  I did interviews and ran one of the three cameras.  I also make a cameo and even get spanked, which was filmed on a later date.  The classroom portion was shot last Sunday and will start running on the site this Saturday.  My spanking scene was shot on Tuesday.


19 Jul

And The Contest Winner Is…..

What’s that behind my back in the photo above?  A bottle of vodka?  No, it’s the winner of the caption contest.  It was a close call between Awesomeness who wrote ”Hey, this is suppose to be an ass spanking shoot, not an ass worshiping one, you dumb nun!” and Chris who wrote “Sister, why is it that my prayers for spankings to be over never seem to get answered?”  I went with Chris’s caption (sorry Awesomeness, maybe next time) as the winner.  So Chris wins a one month pass to my Spanking Sorority Girls site.  If you don’t hear from the Cameraman soon, Chris, you can reach him at cfworldwidetech@yahoo.com to work out the details of the membership.  Thanks to all who played!


12 Jul

Alexis Grace as My Crazy Roommate

My Spanking Roommate Episode 112 up now - Alexis Gets Gag for being too loud!

There is a new scene on My Spanking Roommate.  Alexis Grace plays my roommate and it is my turn to spank her for Episode 112.  We shot the original scene (episode 103), in which she spanked me, a few months ago.  I posted a blog on my tumblr right after we shot that original.

Paddling Alexis Grace - Big Girls Do Cry

Since it’s all about the spanking scenes Alexis and I shot that day, I am re-posting that tumblr blog.  Here it is:

My day yesterday went a little something like this- went to get my underarms laserered (for hair removal not for some weird spiritual practice) and whatnot, post office run, then cleanin up for ze shoot at mi casa. What I love about my fetish photographer friends is they not only allow but they encourage my harmless insanity. They encourage me to fake cry about being spanked and to exclaim crazy phrases or make phone calls to “roommates” while being spanked with a hairbrush(by the way, the “roomie” I was calling was in actuality a friend so at first they were confused and concerned by me wailing in pain saying they can’t come back or they will be spanked too by this mean Alexis Grace girl who is spanking me- luckily eventually they caught on to my prank).

I made a real call to a surprised friend while Alexis was spanking me!!

I also got to spank Alexis Grace “training Her to be a good girl” since she was my bad roomie leaving her slutty bras around, flaking on rent, hooking up with random people too much so I put her over my knee and spanked her but she was Being too loud so i stuffed her slutty thong panties in her mouth. To give you a small idea of things I do during these fetish shoots :)

Of course I like traditional shoots as well but I love shoots where I’m encouraged to be as out there and ridiculous as possible even more :) because I have ADD and enjoy keeping fully myself and others fully amused if the camera is rolling.

Just imagine what Alexis and I could do with this paddle

Anyway, that picture above is Alexis and I about to use a heart paddle. The spanking with wooden objects tend to be the most painful but having a fat booty definitely helps absorb the pain and turns it into sexy.

Then afterward the crew and I went to a strip club on a whim with the original intent at trying the food we heard was “excellent”(hmph! blowhards..) had a glass of boxed wine and watched people play pool and nearly hit cue balls onto the lackluster bored looking strippers on stage (it was a bit of a dodgy biker place which from a bad past experience awhile back gives me the creeps to go into— let’s put it this way- I came out confused as hell with a broken finger from a wild-eyed stripper who likes to throw beer bottles at people on drugs back when I was 21 and just went to go to a topless bar for the first time).

Then we switched locations to get some new scenery, we went to another popular strip club called Club Rouge and it was a definite step up with the traditional big pictures of naked ladies, bordello decor, a fake baby grand piano that girls can dance on, etc. More my pace I suppose.. I like cheesy decadence in my strip clubs. We had a few red bulls and wines, watched a few dancers with gorgeous spankable bums.

Gotta shower! Off to more… Gotta pay all these damn bills and keep busy!

These spanking shoots usually end up with me getting a sore ass for days!

I’m still getting some Caption submissions for the contest on my last post.  Hurry if you have one, though, I will be deciding the winner in a few days.