6 Jul

Spanking Contest


Does anyone remember this scene with the lovely spanking newb Katie Jordin (who plays Sister Mary Kate) and I for my site Spanking Sorority Girls ? You shouldn’t.  It is coming up at the end of July, Episode 11.  Right after you get to see Sister Mary Olivia and Sister Mary Ginger spank bad student Dani Hunt.

Well.. here’s a little game… Give me a caption for my reaction!! The best caption gets a free 1 month subscription (or prescription if you’ve been REAL naughty) to my site SpankingSororityGirls.com ….Ready…Set.. Go!

Also, if you do not win this caption game- better luck next time and keep checking for blogs and games..but better yet- join my site to see all of the debaucherous fun that goes on between my schoolmates/sorority sisters/family/friends and nuns at SpankingSororityGirls.com !!

To play, just enter you caption in the comment area below.

4 Jul


Here’s a link to my most recent spanking interview in my typical style: http://thespankingspot.com/veronica-ricci-on-the-spanking-spotlight/


also here’s a picture of some of the spanking fireworks that went off between Sharon Lee and I  during one of our 3 hot scenes together:

This photo is from a scene just put up today on Hot Girls Spanked, a Clips4Sale store.  Sharon plays the French Tutor and I play a spoiled rich girl.   My first scene with Sharon is still updating on Spanked Call Girls.  Explosive fireworks.

24 Jun

Custom videos

Feel free to request CUSTOM videos by emailing us! We would love to make something specific for you!  You can work out any custom request details with the cameraman at cfworldwidetech@yahoo.com

Here’s a sample pic from a custom video someone wanted of Clare Fonda spanking me and my friends (Lilia Spinoza – who plays my sister and Mary Jane) at our pajama party.  It is running on the Girl Spanks Girl site and is called STRICT TUTOR.  Miss Morgan plays the Tutor.  It includes several custom items, like the PJs, hairbrush, voice overs, etc.

I am zonked from feature dancing and partying at the gay Pride weekend in SF so that’s all for now folks!!! More to come real soon so keep checking up!

16 Jun

QUICK UPDATE from Fargo, North Dakota where I am feature dancing!

Here is the most recent and I would have to say best/most accurate interview I have ever done for the spanking site Cherry Red Report which can be seen here: http://www.cherryredreport.com/2012/06/15/veronica-ricci-questions/

Also, I am here in Fargo, North Dakota feature dancing at the ol’ Wonky WoodChipper. Kidding– I would be afraid of THAT strip club… but I would still probably dance there for the thrill of it. The club I’m at is called The Northern and it’s been great- friendly staff, relaxed vibes not very rushed/hustley which I like and lots of those moose hunting video games in the bar area for a good ol’ fashioned fun drinky shooty time.. I don’t know about choo but when I drink some alcohol I also enjoy havin’ a gun close by!

So far I have grabbed countless girl’s asses (civilian and dancer alike) and yes, I made a girl spank me on stage and honestly she was good for a first timer.  I was on stage bent over and she just spanked my bum a few times with me propped against the pole and me also bent over on the stage looking back at her as she spanked the meat of my ass pretty good looking like she was having fun doing it.. made me jump a lil and woke me right up. I also spanked a cute black girl with a butt so toned and tight you could grind diamonds with it to make more diamonds if you wanted to make some extra $. .. I also went for a little walk around town during the day and stopped in a yoga studio, went to a delightful little smoothie tea place on Broadway called Teaberry and had a cop on a bike yell “U Betcha!” to me in a funny way. .And while I was out eating late breakfast I forgot to post up my “Do Not Disturb” sign on the hotel door so the maid left me a little note telling me she couldn’t make my bed due to my “personal items” on the bed (I guess she meant my decorative butt plug LOL. it was clean, miss maid!). One time I brought a few vibrators to Costa Rica and the maid arranged them in descending order of how tall they stood and placed them on top of a little doily mat. That was very sweet of her and sort of made my stomach churn wondering if she Pine Sol’d my pink friend and I should avoid it.

What else? The strip club DJs here are really friendly and funny– they don’t take anything seriously which is my kinda folk and they get and appreciate my wackiness which is always fun times when people feel the vibes your throwin’ out and don’t fight it. They made a whole twitter account dedicated to the ridiculous shit the strippers say around them and you can see it at Twitter.com/strippergenius .. Also all of the customers have been cool- lotsa nice military guys who tend to be very respectful and fun hangin with their dude friends havin a good ol’ time!

Of course please do me a favor to help me support my weirdo life and sign up for my spanking site NOW through this link http://www.spankingsororitygirls.com !!! Thank ya’ll for reading this!!!

Also check out/subscribe to my Youtube video page: Youtube.com/TheVeronicaRicci for random candid / on set/ etc. videos

12 Jun

The Spanking of Sharon Lee

Just did a shoot with Sharon Lee on Thursday! Sharon Lee is a French Vietnamese girl who has done more porn in Europe then she has in the US and was just in California visiting so we booked her! She actually can barely speak English so at first it presented some challenges as she wasn’t aware she was booked for spanking. She picked it up after I used Google Translator to tell her what we were doing and she turned out to be great. We did a few scenarios, and of course switched roles. She made a great mean French teacher who tried to teach me to count to 100 in French as I goofed off and sassed her then she got spanked while I tried to teach her to count to 100 in English in a seperate scene for the Sorority site.

I think you guys will love her- a feisty Vietnamese girl who only speaks French and was great in the scenes and had plenty of funny lost in translation moments. It was all sexy body language and using touch to teach her but we meshed very well. It was a pleasure to rub baby oil on her ass and spank her as well as kiss her while she speaks French. I did light worship on her too and I can’t wait to rebook her for more– I would love to worship her entire body and get spanked for perving out in future scenes?! *BAZINGA!* I felt like one of those old school cartoons where the guy wolf sees the cute girl bat her lashes and walk around and his eyes bulge, jaw drops and his tongue is panting and he’s just like “ARRRRRROOOOOGA!”… I get like that around girls I like sometimes… “If I told you you have a nice body, would you press it against me?” :P

PLEASE GO CHECK THE Spanked Call Girls SITE OUT – that is where my first scene with Sharon Lee is up now (the one where I rub the baby oil on her and we spank each other).  Two other scenes will appear in the future on the sorority site.  Or you can join all five sites (so far I am the only model on all 5 of these spanking sites) for one great deal and >>please join through my blog<< because it has an affiliate code that sends some coins my way and helps me fund my weird little lifestyle: SPANKINGSORORITYGIRLS!!!

Also check out my other non-spanking undertakings at Twitter.com/VeronicaRicci and

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catch me on live cam at VeronicaRicci.Cammodels.com !!! Bookmark em!

2 Jun

Five Site Special

The Cameraman tells me for now that I am the only model on all five sites of the five site spanking special.  When Sarah Gregory and Snow Mercy appear on the Sorority site, they too will be on all five sites.  But for now, it’s just me.  lol.  I am going to let him explain what the five site special is, and I’ll put up a photo from each site.

FROM THE CAMERAMAN:  You can join any of the spanking sites in the CF network individually for about 23 dollars per month, or you can join all five sites for about 49 dollars per month, which is a better value and gives you access to so many hot girls (like Veronica) getting spanked and making out with each other that your head could possibly explode (in a good way).  Many sign up for this special for just one month, download many of the videos (there are thousands of them), and watch most of them after the membership expires.  If you are a major fan, you can keep the membership going and still have plenty of new stuff to see.

You can join the 5-site special (also known as the Clare Fonda Pass) by clicking JOIN HERE or you can link to it by using the banner on the upper right side of this blog.  There is a link banner to the sorority site (which Veronica stars in), or the 5 site special, above the 5-stie banner.  Veronica is a regular on all of the sites.  If you like spanking, or you’re a fan of Veronica, you should check it out, linking from this blog.

SPANKED SWEETIES: with Clare Fonda - my first ever spanking shoot

SPANKED CALL GIRLS: Me spanking Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards)

MY SPANKING ROOMMATE: me rolling around after Alexis Grace spanked me

GIRL SPANKS GIRL: making out after spanking Katie Jordin

SPANKING SORORITY GIRLS: Roxy Jezel paddles me hard - again

29 May

My First Spanking Interview

Hey I did my first spanking interview and it appears on Spank Place.  Here it is printed below by permission by the owners of that site.  Please check out their site.  And also let me know what you think of my first interview about spanking.



Veronica Ricci is a sexy redheaded model who has recently burst onto our screens in Clare Fonda’s spanking sites. Coming from the world of glamour, Veronica brings the sexy and has quickly amassed a big online following for her performances as a girl who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Whereas some spanking models can seem very brash and loud in their bratting, Veronica almost seems like she gets into trouble by mistake which makes her punishments very erotic. Her new blog Spanking Veronica tells us more about what she’s up to in the world of spanking.

Veronica was kind enough to answer our questions in May 2012…

You’re very beautiful and I’ve read that you started off in mainstream modelling then moved onto glamour, and now spanking. Do you like showing off? Could you see yourself having a regular office job?

Thank you. I started off with some “normal” modelling, then exotic dancing then glam adult stuff and now spanking. Showing off, sometimes. In real life, generally I am pretty shy and not showy but I guess I have my exhibitionist side. Office job, not for me!

I’ve read that you’re submissive with your boyfriend, do you like spanking off-camera? Have you always liked it?

I do like spanking off camera. I am usually submissive with any man I am with.

How would you describe yourself and your relationship with spanking?


What do you like about being spanked?

All of it! I really like the fantasy! and sometimes the pain!

What would be a perfect spanking for you?

Over the knee, usually by a firm hand.

Does being spanked turn you on?


How did you get into the spanking world? What were your first thoughts when you first thought about being spanked on-screen?

I got into it after meeting Camera Man and Clare Fonda and was into it ever since.

What was your very first movie / session like?

It was a lot of fun. Clare asked about my childhood spanking experiences and we relived them.

For someone who hasn’t seen one of your movies can you describe what you are like as a sub/bottom?

I am a bit noisy and sometimes bratty as a sub, sometimes I am more submissive. It all depends on my mood and the situation.

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

I want to have my “principal” keep me locked in his office and only come in to spank me until I learn my lesson about discipline.

What implements do you like and which do you not like?

I like all implements if they are USED CORRECTLY. Of course, I don’t like to be paddled on my rib cage or somewhere to the bone usually. I like the pros who are really into spanking themselves and it shows.

Do you switch? How hard do you spank?

I do switch and I love spanking. How hard I can spank someone all depends on their tolerance and how their body is, etc. For instance, I gave Katie Jordin a nice bruising from our spanking without even going full force on her (she’s somewhat of a newbie) and I have done not so amazing top sessions, to be honest. LOL

Veronica Ricci in a blonde wig spanking pornstar Katie Jordin

What does the future hold for Veronica Ricci?

Too much it seems.

Read more about Veronica and everything she’s getting up to in the spanking world at Spanking Veronica and also on her twitter page.

©2012 SpankPlace.com

19 May

So SpankingSororityGirls is finally up and going!

After planning for this site for a little over a year and a half now, here it is up and ready.  So far there are 5 episodes (3 with me in them) out and there will be many MANY more on there way to be delivered.

Some of the first scenes out now set the whole scene of how I needed some discipline and my mother (who had a crazy past herself) decided it was time I got some good ol’ fashioned ass whooping so I didn’t end up like her. First my mom starts by giving me disciple herself before moving on to more drastic measures. My mom sent me off to an all girl’s private school for wayward girls. I have to live in this sorority house with nuns and other girls and I am constantly getting into trouble and facing the consequences for my disrespect, blatant lesbianism and drinking/lewd behavior. Each episode will be an adventure of how I fuck up this time and piss off the nuns/my other house and schoolmates/teachers/ my mom and so on. I just LOVE to come on to the other girls, regardless if they are into women and sometimes my secret shot of liquid courage helps me not care at all until that paddle comes swinging on my bare ass.

One episode that is uploaded is my friend Roxy Jezel (whom is a professional dominatrix in real life and a former Club Jenna/Vivid porn star with a sexy British accent you will love!). Roxy is a senior student at the sorority and is in charge of the pledges. Roxy is a little sadistic and let me have it nice and hard to let me know she doesn’t fuck around with silly, wild lesbians like myself. Roxy and I did mess around a little bit, I was turned on the minute I saw her with her sexy dominant look and her quirky British expressions. Roxy beat me with the heavy wooden sorority paddle so hard that I literally shed a few tears and I jumped in pain. It was hard to sit for weeks after that. She had a surprisingly VERY heavy hand but I suppose I should have expected with her dominatrix experience that she has some bite to her.  For those of you who love speckling/heavy bruising and genuine pain from heavy spankings with solid implements, you WILL be impressed. Roxy makes an excellent domme and is quite strong. Her improv is CLASSIC too and if I weren’t in such pain, I may have laughed at her silly sayings.



11 May

Thinking About Going To Shadow Lane Convention Again

“This picture of Clare Fonda spanking me (for the Spanked Call Girls site)  is from the Shadow Lane convention last year, which was a blast. For those of you who don’t know; Shadow Lane is a fetish (focus on spanking) convention in Vegas near the end of every summer.

Many companies use this as the perfect opportunity to meet models and have shoots in Vegas while everyone is at the same place. It’s a lot of fun and the people who put on Shadow Lane (Tony and Eve) love it themselves.  The photo below was taken at a time share in Vegas, but we also did scenes at the hotel where most of the convention guests stay.

Clare Fonda Spanks Me While at the Shadow Lane Convention

Last year, I went with the Clare Fonda crew and we drank a bit, shot with a ton of models including ones who don’t live on the west coast so it was good to catch them. In addition to shooting with Clare, I shot with Kat St. James (my blonde “sister”), domme Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, Ten Amorette (who actually played my nanny in one scene) and a girl who was from London named Leia-Ann Woods.

All of them brought their own spanking energy to the table and it was a fun shooting trip as well as visiting the convention floor. On the floor, Clare put me over her knee and spanked me for all to see and showed off some of her latest and greatest videos on a personal DVD player. Maybe I will go again this year as well….what do you guys think?

30 Apr

Clare Fonda Exits Spanking

When I first met Clare, she eased any tension of first introductions immediately. The reason I kept coming back for more spankings to begin with was because Clare just had this way of making it all so much fun.  She made spanking a blast. Clare Fonda is a hilarious class act and an incredible actress who nails any role she plays. Usually her roles were as a coach’s wife, a teacher or even a lesbian sugar mama.

The above photo is from my first ever spanking shoot with Clare Fonda from Spanked Sweeties.  The frame grab below is from my last spanking  from Clare, which appears on Spanked Call Girls.

I am definitely going to miss doing scenes with her in spanking videos but I hope I still get to see her. Please go continue to support Clare Fonda in all that you can!