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11 Dec

Cassie Ramone get spanked instead of sedated

In this episode of SpankedSweeties Cassie Ramone gets spanked by her mom (hot blonde domme Julie Simone) for drinking the devil’s [&hellip

1 Dec

Extra! Extra! This Just in! Whiney White Girl Gets Whacked By Loca Latina

In the newest episode of, I decide I’m going to take the punta plunge and train to become the Cholita [&hellip

22 Nov

Just Call Me Mommy Dearest or No Wonder They Call Me MaMa

Lately, I am always blogging about my newest site but today I’m gonna take some time to blog about some [&hellip

31 Oct

Anikka Allbrite’s bum is spanked clean!

There once lived a beautiful big bootied blonde named Anikka Allbrite who’s mother was sick of her not keeping her [&hellip

11 Oct

Do Re Spank Mi or The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Spankings!!!

In this newest ‘sode of I apply to be a singer for Sarah Gregory‘s company. Apparently, I’m no Julie Andrews/Meatloaf(any [&hellip

28 Sep

Sharon Lee Learns English The Hard Way

In this latest update on Asian French porn star Sharon Lee is a foreign exchange student visiting from France who [&hellip

3 Sep

Post Shadowlane Spanking Convention!

I just barely got back from the annual Shadowlane Spanking convention (shortly after the Fetish Convention in Florida I just [&hellip

30 Jul

Just Call Me Splint SpankWood cuz This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Our Butts

This new episode on has Stevie Rose (known within the spank fetish community) and I gettin’ into a good [&hellip

17 Jul

Bad Boss Beatdown

This week’s update on has my good friend Phoenix Askani  as my evil bitchy boss at the office. This is a [&hellip